An Alleged Kenyatta Sponsored New Political Movement In Mt Kenya; Malindi Cult: Shakahola Resident Says Kids Would Frequent Shops with Starvation Complaints & Headache to Gachagua as Report Indicates Toilets in Mt Kenya Have Turned Into Chang’aa Selling Dens

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Over the last few days, Kenya has witnessed the most thought-provoking incident involving a group of faithful that have died in a bid to see Jesus.

Paul Mackenzie is the man at the centre of this heinous act that saw 39 people confirmed dead, thanks to his way of teaching.

The controversial Malindi preacher has been preaching to his followers to fast and pray for several days but unfortunately, some died due to hunger.

Last month, Mackenzie was arrested by police officers over the death of two minors in similar circumstances but was later released on an Sh10,000 police bond.

The teachings of Mackenzie seem to have gone deep because a woman was found in one of the hideouts in a bad state but told the police that she did not want to be rescued.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki Sunday evening called for tighter regulation of religious entities including; churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues across the country.

He also revealed he will be joining a team in Mackenzie’s land in Shakahola Village on Tuesday to witness the ongoing exhumation of bodies.

The question now begs, should the government regulate churches?

Churches in Kenya have been mushrooming over the years. The lack of stringent measures has made it easy for some to get away with atrocities against gullible followers.

Efforts by some members of parliament in the past to introduce motions in the house to help tame rogue pastors have met resistance from believers who quote the right to worship enshrined in the constitution.

The topic itself is complex because President Ruto’s administration was built with the church being among the pillars. His campaign in the August polls rallied behind the church and used religious institutions to sell his manifesto with constant teasing of his opponent Raila Odinga as a ‘Mganga’ who does not believe in God.

The call for regulations of churches was also condemned last year when Ida Odinga asked the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) to regulate the churches under it and challenged church leaders to pursue theology to pass meaningful teachings to their congregants.

Ida was forced to apologise after her statement rubbed believers the wrong way.

Kenya should borrow a leaf from Rwanda, a small country that closed hundreds of churches and demanded specific standards be realised before reopening.

Kenya in recent years has also witnessed the rise of con artists, fake prophets, fake miracle performers, Jehovah Wanyonyi (God) and two different Jesus Christ(s).

What should the government do to bring sanity to this sector?

Meanwhile, here are stories making headlines on Opera News today;

An Alleged Kenyatta Sponsored New Political Movement In Central That Seeks Region’s Popularity

The Succession politics in Mt Kenya has continued to elicit new debates with critics saying after the exit of President Kenyatta the region would be in dire need of a kingpin seat that at the moment has had numerous candidates declaring interest and authority over it.

As many would have thought the deputy president Rigathi Gachagua occupying the second highest office in the nation and hailing from the region would be the automatic Kenyatta’s replacement.

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Malindi Cult: Shakahola Resident Says Kids Would Frequent Shops with Starvation Complaints

Shallow graves, decomposing bodies and emaciated cult members in critical condition are the makings of any horror movie only that in Shakahola village, it was a grim reality.

Over the last few days, the nation was shocked by the chilling story of how Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church allegedly brainwashed his followers to fast to death so that they could meet Jesus Christ.

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Headache to Gachagua as Report Indicates Toilets in Mt Kenya Have Turned Into Chang’aa Selling Dens

Deputy President Hon Rigathi Gachagua’s war against illicit brew and drug abuse in the Mt Kenya Region suffered a major setback after it emerged that Changaa Sellers have collaborated with rogue police and chiefs and that the illegal beer is now being sold in the toilets.

According to the report by Taifa Leo Publication on Monday, sources who spoke to the media on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter revealed that the war on Illicit brew in the region has been missed owing to the fact many of the youths are jobless and that they usually find peace whenever they are involved in Changaa Drinking.

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