ODM Message After Lapsing of Ultimatum to Ruto; Raila Allegedly Wants Boycott of These Products Linked to Ruto’s Govt & Kenyans React After Green Net Was Removed on OTC Building

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It is emerging that the Kenyan social media space turns into a jungle at the strike of midnight, all the way to the wee hours of the morning.

Mostly on the spot is the video-sharing app TikTok, where raunchy videos are being traded for as low as ksh100.

The biggest concern here is the young children who have unrestricted access to these social media platforms, which do not come with adequate parental control features.

Apart from the sexual content, the LGBTQ message is also being propagated at these ungodly hours, and some conspiracy theorists also believe this is when Illuminati recruitment takes place.

True or not, parents need to take control of the kind of technology their children are consuming and set limits also in terms of the amount of time spent on internet devices.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

ODM Message After Lapsing of Ultimatum to Ruto

Raila Odinga to hold rally in Kisii town amid growing resistance - The  Standard

Orange Democratic Movement ODM party has declared that Thursday, a day after his ultimatum to His Excellency the Head of State president William Ruto lapsed, is the day of the lord.

They have noted that as provided in the constitution, the people are more powerful than the people in power themselves which could be a hidden message on what they are planning.

This comes at a time when the opposition leader Raila Odinga is today expected to launch a multi-faceted approach to his mass action plan against President William Ruto’s administration, including “civil disobedience”.

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Raila Allegedly Wants Boycott of Products Linked to Ruto Govt

Why Raila may be forced to 'humble self', abandon demos

According to sources, the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition leader Raila Amolo Odinga has devised a detailed strategy to advance his opposition to President William Ruto’s government.

His tactics are expected to exert pressure on the Kenya Kwanza administration and include sit-ins or occupation of public offices, rallying elected officials in parliament to resist the government, and continuing nationwide protests called “People’s Barazas.”

Additionally, it has emerged that the Azimio leader plans to call for boycotting of products from companies believed to support President William Ruto’s administration.

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Kenyans React After Green Net Was Removed on OTC Building

Kenyans React After Green Net Was Removed on OTC Building in Nairobi: "Time  to Get Lost" - Tuko.co.ke

The famous green net on the OTC building in Nairobi downtown has been removed showing the establishment’s construction is nearing completion.

The multi-storied building has been under construction for over a decade and has for years been used as a landmark by Nairobians.

A photo shared by Nairobi News indicated the building had been uncovered halfway. The building, which has nine floors has a creamish paint and large windows.

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