Weatherman Warns as Rains Projected to Fail; Ruto Clips CS Mutua Wings in Foreign Policy Shift & Ruto, Raila United Against LGBTQ

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Today marks exactly five days since the China Square owners closed shop after backlash from the government.

The alluring shop that witnessed thousands of Kenyans flocking to the once ghostlike Kenyatta University’s Unicity Mall could face shutdown because of the government’s adamant position.

Cabinest Secretay for Trade, Investment and Industry, Mr Moses Kuria, maintains that foreigners can only do business in Kenya as manufacturers, not traders.

On his continuous onslaught, Moses Kuria has now introduced Kenya-owned China Square dubbed “Kenya Square’. The replica of the successful hyped Chinese-owned business has been made strictly for products produced in Kenya.

According to CS Kuria, the premises sit on 17 acres of space and is for hustler traders only. On social media, Moses Kuria has asked Kenyans to book stalls now but with no further information on how to proceed.

Kenyans have always been quick to point at punitive taxes that are in place that make manufacturing products in Kenya hard and prices not competitive for common mwananchi to afford.

Do you think CS Kuria’s efforts will cushion the hustler traders?

Meanwhile here are stories making headlines on Opera News today;

Tighten your belts, warns weatherman as rains projected to fail

Kenya is staring at a failed crop this season as the weatherman forecasts below-average rains for the March-April-May period, which will pile more inflationary pressure on millions of households that are already grappling with a high cost of living.

The March to May period marks a crucial rain season in the country’s farming calendar as it is during this time that communities and households plant the main crop of the year. However, the announcement of depressed rainfall by the Kenya Meteorological Department has dampened the hopes of a good harvest.

President Ruto clips CS Mutua wings in foreign policy shift

President William Ruto’s government has announced a major shift in the country’s foreign policy by allowing other countries and their missions in Kenya to engage directly with ministries and state agencies, without going through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, all official business between one country and another goes through the Foreign Affairs ministry, which then links them to the state agencies or ministries they are to deal with.

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Ruto, Raila united in dismissing Supreme Court LGBTQ ruling

President Ruto broke his silence over the verdict by the apex court last week allowing registration of LGBTQ+ lobby groups, arguing that whereas he respects the courts, he disagrees with the ruling adding that religions of the land forbid same sex marriages.

“I am a God fearing man. Even though we respect the court, our religion, traditions, law and customs do not allow for women to marry fellow women, nor for men to marry fellow men. I want to tell them that we have traditions, laws and customs, we respect our constitution and all our religions. We shall not allow women to marry women, or men to marry men. That is not possible in our country,” the President said.

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