DP Gachagua Says Govt Positions Are Preserved for Those Who Voted for William Ruto; ODM Rebel MPs to Form Anti-Raila ‘Liberation Group’ & Is Kinyua The Real Deep State? Presidents Come and Go But He Stays

The Azimio camp has remained hell-bent on demanding Ruto’s government resign so they can assume the leadership.

The team visited the Nyanza region on the weekend, where they urged Kenyans to demand that the cost of living to go down.

During the Kisumu rally on Saturday, Narc-K party leader Martha Karua insisted that their rallies are not demonstrations but forums to discuss the nation’s state.

“Our meetings are peaceful so I want to warn the prophets of doom telling people it’s a protest… and protesting is not bad, they tell people that to make them think we mean harm,” she said.

On the other hand, Wiper boss Kalonzo Musyoka warned Ruto’s UDA against attempts to buy members of his party.

“They have openly used public institutions and resources to entice individual members in the name of development to break ranks with their political parties,” Kalonzo said in a statement.

The ruling party and the opposition continue to display tug of war as President Ruto forges a charm offensive against Azimio MPs.

Meanwhile, here are stories making headlines on Opera News today.

Rigathi Gachagua Says Govt Positions Are Preserved for Those Who Voted for William Ruto

Rigathi Gachagua said William Ruto’s administration will first reward those who toiled to put the Kenya Kwanza government in office.

The DP said it is laughable that those who voted for Raila Odinga had started trooping to the State House seeking government appointments Gachagua said members of the opposition will be considered later and given whatever will be remaining if there will be any.

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ODM Rebel MPs to Form Anti-Raila ‘Liberation Group’

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya leader Raila Odinga is facing a fresh rebellion in his Nyanza backyard as rebel lawmakers mull forming a ‘liberation group’ to cut him down to size with the help of President William Ruto’s administration.

The name has reportedly been coined to symbolise plans to “liberate” the region from Mr Odinga’s grip.

Real Deep State? Presidents Come and Go But Kinyua Stays

For the last two decades, Joseph Kinyua straddled the civil service like a colossus as he went on to make history as the senior most public officer to have been relied upon by three presidents.

So when the then Head of the Public Service announced his exit from the public service on October 27, as he handed over to Felix Koskei after 44 years in the civil service, few could have imagined his services would still be required.

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