Raila begins Azimio’s 30 days of anti-Ruto protests; Kenya Kwanza Reveals Why Ruto is Allowing Raila to Protest Today & Female Pastor Makes Plea to Ruto to Ban Sexual Relations Outside Marriage in Kenya

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A new twist has taken its toll on the death of Baby Travis who died at Kenyatta National Hospital(KNH) with a fork Jembe lodged in his head.

The hospital now claims that the fork in the baby’s head was aimed at the mother.

KNH claims the mother(wife) had earlier said Baby Travis was a victim of a domestic row between his parents.

Appearing before Senate’s Health Committee led by Jackson Mandago, KNH management yesterday said that Baby Travis’ mother, Judy Muthoni, had said that the fork ‘jembe’ had been aimed at her during a domestic brawl with her husband.

The hospital’s chief executive officer, Evanson Kamuri, told the lawmakers that when Muthoni learned about the death of her son, she broke down, lamenting that the fork jembe had been aimed at her.

“When we broke the news of the death of the baby, the mother started to scream in distress, revealing how her husband had killed her baby. She was wailing, saying how the ‘jembe’ was aimed at her,” said Kamuri.

According to him, the injury sustained by Baby Travis was so severe that it could not have been inflicted by a child.

“It was a severe injury that could not have been inflicted by other children while playing,” Kamuri held.

While responding to the Senators’ questions regarding the minor’s death, CEO Kamuri explained that when the child was received at KNH, the doctors could not have immediately rushed the boy to the theatre because he had lost too much blood.

“We first needed to give him blood. And being a baby, that process is much slower because, if we could have given him too much blood at once, there was a risk of cardiac arrest,” explained Kamuri.

According to Kamuri, Muthoni was economical with the truth.

What do you think of this new developments of Baby Travis’s death?

Meanwhile here are stories making headlines on Opera News today;

Raila begins Azimio’s 30 days of anti-William Ruto protests

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition leader Raila Odinga will today spell out his anti-government programmes as he launches a resistance against President William Ruto’s administration that is expected to run for 30 days, before a final declaration.

The Nation has established that already, the coalition’s top decision-making organ — The Council, chaired by former President Uhuru Kenyatta — has sanctioned the meetings.

The Azimio brigade will today converge on Kamukunji grounds in Kibra for the launch of the anti-Ruto meetings, which will lead to a parallel Jamhuri Day celebration at Jacaranda grounds in Nairobi on December 12.

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Female Pastor Calls on Ban of Sexual Relations Outside Marriage in Kenya

Kenyan pastor Debra Sharon has called on President William Ruto’s government to ban sexual relations outside marriage in Kenya.

Debra was reacting to the news that Indonesia has banned sex before marriage and people who go against the law will be heavily punished.

“I love being provoked with positive news like this one here… now that we have God-fearing leaders all around Kenya this is more possible in Kenya not unless they just do lip service to God,” she said on December 6.

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Kenya Kwanza Insider Explains Main Reason Why Ruto is Allowing Raila to Protest Today

Raila Odinga and his Azimio politicians and followers are expected to officially kickstart their peaceful protests today. Raila a week ago promised Ruto’s government a hard time if they attempt to fire IEBC commissioners.

The rallies are expected to last for 30 days and will begin at Kamukunji grounds in Kibera today, Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

Raila is expected to address the crowd and encourage them to walk by him for the next 30 days as they attempt to send a message to Kenya’s Kwanza government.

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