Betika Sponsors 60 Customers to Watch the World Cup in Qatar

Betika, the leading sports betting firm flagged off the first batch of the internal and external customers on 22nd November flying to Doha to experience the live matches in a bid to enhance customer appreciation and experience.

This year’s World Cup is the first tournament since the pandemic and has excited fans from all over the world as they prepare to head to Doha for the 2022 games.

As the different countries were preparing to face off on the pitch, Betika initiated a campaign dubbed “Africa Ni Sisi” in a bid to rally African football fans to support their own during, and after every game of the tournament, uplifting and refreshing the African Spirit.

“We want to be the brand that reminds the rest of Africa to take pride in “one of our own”.

As much as Kenya may not have made it to the World Cup, we are still there, because “WE ARE AFRICA”.

We will strive to highlight all the African teams and the teams that have African Players” Kate Arudo the PR and Brand Guru reiterated.

AFC Leopards players who are travelling to watch the Ghana vs Uruguay game on Friday 2nd December said: “We are happy that Betika has given us the opportunity to go watch this big game. Together with the Kenya Police FC we are not only motivated, but I know we will come back with great experience of a live world-class match.

The 60 Customers received an all-expenses-paid round trip to watch the games starting with the Ghana vs Portugal that played on November 24th . The firm ensured that they give their customers exemplary experiences despite the limitations by FIFA to ride on the World Cup wave.

For us, Football is more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle. We have given opportunities to customers who have not travelled outside of the country before, and to imagine that their first trip is going to be to watch the World Cup, all-expenses paid, is unbelievable.

Apart from the customers, Betika has also given the opportunity to some of the content creators like Arap Uria who is famous for mimicking renowned football commentator Peter Dury, Crazy Kennar, Carol Radul and the famous BenaWaMalines.

Betika are privileged to be able to give this opportunity to their customers in all their seven regions in Africa.

They hope that the next World Cup will deliver a real magical experience for more customers.

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