I Was Part Of 56 Computer Specialists Manipulating Form 34As – Whistleblower; IEBC Claims Goons Attempted to Attack their Personnel & Raila Alleges 56 Hackers and UDA Agents Allegedly Changed Forms 34As

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If you keenly follow politics in Kenya, you have to give it up to Raila Odinga for being an optimistic person despite maybe all odds coinciding against him.

Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Odinga yesterday expressed confidence that the Supreme Court would declare him the winner in the August 9 General Election saying he would prove how he was denied victory.

After filing a petition at the apex court that seeks to overturn a declaration by the Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission(IEBC) that Deputy President William Ruto was the winner of the presidential race, Raila said this team had adequate evidence to prove their case.

In the petition, Raila has asked the court to declare him the winner of the hotly contested race after voiding Ruto’s win saying he was the rightful victor.

According to Raila, the presidential elections posted by the IEBC on its portal had been tampered with and accused some of the agency’s officials of participating in criminal acts to deny him victory.

This is not the first time the former premier has contested the general election poll results.

In 2017 the supreme court declared Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in the presidential election invalid and ordered a new vote to be held within 60 days after Raila Odinga filed a petition.

The decision to nullify the result, a first in Kenya, set a unique precedent for the continent despite Uhuru Kenyatta winning the repeat election.

Meanwhile, here are stories making headlines in Opera News today;

IEBC Claims Goons Attempted to Attack their Personnel Responding to Presidential Petition

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) now claims that goons unsuccessfully attempted to attack their personnel responding to the presidential petition.

Taking to its official Twitter handle, the Wafula Chebukati-led commission claimed the heavily armed goons attacked its members of staff at a premise in the capital Nairobi.

The commission said security personnel immediately repulsed the goons manning the premise even as it condemned the incident.

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Raila Alleges How 56 Hackers and UDA Agent Were Allegedly Changing Forms 34As From IEBC Portal

File image of ODM leader Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga in the petition filed against William Ruto’s presidential election victory at Supreme Court indicates that they have irrefutable evidence to show that election results were manipulated and the IEBC server hacked.

Raila Odinga in the petition claims that Wafula Chebukati and agents of William Ruto in collaboration with hackers allegedly intercepted forms that were sent from polling stations and allegedly changed the results before releasing what Raila says were fake figures to the IEBC portal.

In the petition, Azimio claims that there were 56 hackers who allegedly stole Raila’s victory. At the centre of the alleged hacking, is the laptop of William Ruto’s UDA party agent Koech Geoffrey Kipngosos that was confiscated by DCI at Bomas during tallying of votes.

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I Was Part Of 56 Computer Specialist Who Played A Part In Manipulating Form 34As: Whistleblower

After the submission of the presidential petition in the dying minutes by the Azimio coalition, the supreme court case has been treated with some new developing stories from an alleged whistleblower who admitted to being part and parcel of election fraud in the August presidential polls.

The whistleblower has been introduced to the case by former anti-graft czar John Githongo in an affidavit before the Supreme Court, he claimed that he was a part of 56 hired individual IT technicians who took part in manipulating the form 34As.

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