“Sugoi Kateni Miti Ruto Asijinyonge” Atwoli’s Mocks DP Ruto; Uhuru Speaks on Who He’ll Vote for As Next President & Sonko Breathes Fire After Post Of Him Endorsing Ngatia For Nairobi Governorship

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Whoever thinks President Uhuru Kenyatta will not have a say regarding his preferred successor could be living on another planet. He has already hinted as much ever since his handshake with Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) leader Raila Odinga.

The national unity call germinated from the Handshake deserves support in equal measure, to the economic challenges of poverty, high public debts and corruption confronting us and are defining the election agenda.

As a number critique the sunset of his administration, President Kenyatta equally has every right to make his political choice as a citizen on the direction he would wish the nation to head.

It is ironic that those seeking to succeed him want him to deny his democratic right, by adopting a holier-than-thou attitude while alluding to a “state project” yet they are part and parcel of the same state.

This comes as the President is expected to act swiftly to forestall challenges that might come with resignations from Ministers in his cabinet today.

According to reports the deputy President’s allied MPs who are estimated to be about 100 are also expected to decamp from the ruling party Jubilee to United Democratic Alliance.

Meanwhile, here are stories making headlines on Opera News today:

“Sugoi Kateni Miti Ruto Asijinyonge” Atwoli’s Reckless Remarks Attracts Serious Backlash

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli and Deputy President William Ruto [Photo, Courtesy]
Yesterday, President Uhuru Kenyatta led a delegation in Mombasa where the group discussed matters of health.

However, the event was marred with politics as many who took to the podium led by the president Uhuru Kenyatta himself, threw some heavy words on the deputy president William Ruto.

In several clips shared by media stations around the internet, president Uhuru blasted his deputy for starting early campaigns other than working for the public.

On the other hand, when Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli took to the podium, his remarks left many in talks around the country.

According to Atwoli, Sugoi residents should cut down trees ahead of the 2022 general elections to prevent the deputy president William Ruto from committing suicide after losing the elections.

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President Uhuru Speaks on The Person He Will Vote for As Kenya’s Next President

President Uhuru has now opened up on the leader he will cast his vote for as his successor advising Kenyans to avoid making speculations that it’s former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

According to President Uhuru, he has said that he should stop being accused of working on a presidential project for Kenyans making it clear that those claiming that he is pushing Raila Odinga’s Presidency as his project are spreading lies and propaganda not aware of what is in mind.

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“Not Yet Over” Sonko Breathes Fire After Viral Post Of Him Endorsing Ngatia For Nairobi Governorship

Nairobi’s ex-governor Mike Sonko took to his social media handles this morning rubbishing all claims that he had endorsed Ngatia for the city gubernatorial seat.

In a long post, Sonko said the (fake) post was meant to ill advise Nairobi residents of his stand.

Lately, the famous tycoon has not been campaigning as he used to before with questions raised on his next move.

Sonko has however hinted at a major comeback to Nairobi’s politics where he will make a major announcement.

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