18 MPs Test Positive For Omicron Variant; Mt Kenya Tycoons Cautioned, Told What Will Happen to Their Plan For Raila & Ezra Chiloba Reduces Call Rates Across All Networks

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On Wednesday, the government kicked off the implementation of the limitation to certain services to unvaccinated people.

According to the Health Ministry, anyone unvaccinated will no longer be allowed into government premises, with the provided alternative for services being online.

Proof of vaccination will also be required to access public places such as parks, hotels, some flights, trains, and matatus.

It is interesting how the government is cleverly acting to impose segregation measures, without appearing dictatorial.

The MoH’s argument here is that the jab is not mandatory, and no one will send you to prison for being unvaccinated, but you might as well be in prison since you will be stuck at home with no access to public services and amenities.

The only alternative, therefore, remains getting the jab.

We look forward to seeing how these new regulations play out in the country, keeping in mind how difficult Kenyans are to control.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

18 MPs, 41 Parliamentary Staff Test Positive For Covid-19 Omicron Variant

Several Members of Parliament and parliamentary service staff have tested positive for the new Covid-19 Omicron variant.

According to media reports, at least 18 MPs and 41 support staff have been confirmed positive.

The two groups are said to have tested positive after getting back to the country from Arusha, Tanzania, where they had gone for the East African parliamentary games.

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Mt Kenya Tycoons Cautioned Ahead of Time, Told What Will Happen to Their Plan For Raila

Raila Odinga during a past rally

Members of the Mt Kenya Foundation alias Mt Kenya Tycoons have now been told to stop their alleged attempts to make Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga next President of Kenya.

This comes amid complaints from opponents of Raila, led by Deputy President William Ruto, that the group has settled on the former Prime Minister and is trying to cleverly elevate him to the top seat.

But Ruto has predicted doom for this alleged plan, saying that it will not succeed. He has said that their plan is to install a puppet to address their interests, which will be countered by Kenyans in the ballot.

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CA Director Ezra Chiloba Drastically Reduces Call Rates Across All Networks

Ezra Chiloba

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Director-General Ezra Chiloba has handed Kenyans a huge reprieve ahead of the new year, 2022.

Chiloba in a press release has announced the lowering of call rates across all networks after his authority reviewed mobile termination rates (MTRs) and Fixed Termination Rates (FTRs) downwards.

MTRs and FTRS are costs that operators charge each other to allow customers to communicate across networks.

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2022 is only a week away. What are your take-aways from this year and aspirations for the New Year?

Happy festivities!

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