Police Reveal Who Will Receive Sh 60 Million After Arrest of Kamiti Suspects; Unvaccinated Kenyans to Be Locked Out From Public Transport, Hotels & Ruto Left Out of Meeting With Uhuru and Raila Invited

Good Morning Kenyans.

We are exactly eight days away to the end of a month that has had more drama than a thriller movie in the political world.

Deputy President William Ruto maybe a trouble man after new internal conflict within the United Democratic Party (UDA) emerged once more.

Deputy President William Ruto

Kirinyaga Women Representative Wangui Ngirici’s camp came out and expressed their displeasure with Ruto’s recent behaviour.

Ngirici’s supporters claimed that the DP was favouring Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru since her switch from the Jubilee party.

The supporters pointed out that they will ditch the party if the disrespect by the second in command continued.

This brings up the big question, do you think Ngirici’s defection if it happens, will be something Ruto will come to regret?

These are the news making headlines on the Opera News App today:

Big Blow To Unvaccinated Kenyans As The Government To Lock Them Out From Public Transport & Hotels

Since the strike of COVID-19 into the country the government through the ministry of health came up with corrective measures like washing hands,maintaining social distancing, sanitizing and wearing face mask.

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Ruto Left Out in Crucial Meeting with President Uhuru and Raila Among the Invited Guests

Deputy President William Ruto and ODM party leader Raila Odinga have found themselves in a cross road following one of OKA’s leader latest decision.

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Police Reveals Group Of People Who Will Receive Sh.60 Million After Arrest of Kamiti Terror Suspects

The Kenya National Police Service has revealed that they are going to make sire they keep the promise they gave to Kenyans who would help in the arrest of the three suspects who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison.

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