Orders That Ruto’s GSU Officers Refused to Take Before Their Removal; Big Shift as Meru Bigwigs Embrace Raila & Number of Cattle Found on DP Ruto’s Land Revealed After Matiang’i’s Exposè

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Earlier this week, there was a heated debate on Facebook regarding gender roles and empowerment of the girl child.

The discussion emerged after a member of the popular food group Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals shared a post of her young daughters working in the kitchen.

According to the lady, she was training her girls to develop culinary skills while they were still young, so when they get married, their in-laws would not have a reason to send them back to their parents.

The last part of her statement is what made all hell break lose.

Feminists and alpha females were shocked that in this day and age, mothers were still grooming their daughters to develop into the so-called ‘wife material.

Others wondered what skills mothers to the boys that would marry the girls in the future were teaching them, arguing that activities such as housekeeping are no longer assigned to the female gender exclusively.

Instead, many netizens were in agreement that every child, whether male or female, should be taught how to do everything for themselves, instead of heaping the burden of house chores on women.

We are sure that the lady in question made the post innocently and obviously has the best intentions for her children, although she was hit with a rude reality check after her post.

Our only question here is, who died and gave in-laws the power to chase out a girl from her matrimonial home, just because she cannot cook?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Revealed: Orders That Ruto’s GSU Officers Refused to Take  That Led to Their Removal

Deputy President William Ruto

The political climate is slowly changing in the country with the political differences becoming obviously witnessed between the political bigwigs. President Kenyatta has openly differed with his Deputy.

There have been attempts by some factions to bring them back together but this has not been successful.

Uhuru’s decision to have a handshake with Raila and finally endorse him for next year’s presidential candidate has climaxed up the differences.

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Big shift as Meru bigwigs embrace Raila

SIGN HERE: ODM leader Raila Odinga leads Kenyans in collection of signatures for the BBI process during the launch at KICC in Nairobi on November 25, 2020

ODM leader Raila Odinga has escalated his forays into the vote-rich Mt Kenya, securing the crucial endorsement of key Meru leaders and business tycoons.

This heralds a big shift in the region’s politics.

In a first-of-its-kind meeting on Thursday, Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi switched his support from National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to the former Prime Minister.

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Number of Cattle Found on a Piece of Land DP Ruto Denied Its Ownership After Matiangi Spilled Beans

Deputy President William Ruto

Just a day after Interior CS Dr Fred Matiang’i listed several properties linked to Deputy President William Ruto, the DP came out to disown some of the properties

On Wednesday, CS Matiang’i listed some of the properties owned by the DP, and the exact number of police officers deployed to secure them.

A day later, on Thursday, the DP came out and denied some of the properties by saying the CS was only 70 per cent right.

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