Worse Thing That Has Happened at Ruto’s Sugoi Home Leaks; Pro-Uhuru MPs Push Introduction of Imperial President & DP Ruto’s UDA Camp Set to Grow as Mudavadi’s Team Plans This

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Thanks to the relentless coronavirus pandemic, the world was forced to unite in the search for a solution to the scourge, efforts that have so far borne us a myriad of vaccines.

Interestingly, the same unity of purpose to come up with preventative or curative solutions is what has brought about a division in the world, in terms of the vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

On one hand, the vaccinated population is waiting for the unvaccinated ones to be wiped out by the pandemic, while the anti-vaxxers are waiting for the former to turn into zombies in two years’ time.

Indeed, there has never been so much misinformation out there as is the current case, which is why the government needs to formulate sensitization programs to reach the skeptical people who are being brainwashed by conspiracy theorists and fake doctors.

The fact of the matter remains that the pandemic seems to be here to stay and we cannot stay indoors forever, which is why vaccines are the next best alternative as we await the discovery of a cure, which might be decades away.

Meanwhile, here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Karen Aside as Worse Thing That Has Happened at Ruto’s Sugoi Home Leaks

Deputy President William Ruto

New details now indicate that Deputy President William Ruto’s latest predicament has affected all his residences.

On Thursday, the National Police Service replaced his elite GSU protection with those from the Administration Police, resulting in condemnations from his office and allies.

This was after the changes were made at his Karen residence in Nairobi, his official residence, which saw his allies accuse the government of unfairly targeting him.

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Joining Winning Team? DP Ruto’s UDA Camp Set to Grow Bigger as Mudavadi’s ANC Team Plans This

UDA Party press conference.

So many things are happening behind the scene and under the carpet as politicians race against time to make moves ahead of the 2022 general elections.

Deputy President William Ruto and his UDA flock are one of the great lineups that many Kenyans are eagerly waiting to watch.

Another team set to offer an electrifying match is that of Opposition Leader Raila Odinga and his ODM battalion.

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Pro-Uhuru MPs Push The Introduction of Imperial President Through Parliament as DP Ruto Fires Back

President Uhuru Kenyatta

The Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee through their Chairman Hon Jeremiah Kioni has written a bill to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi demanding the introduction of an imperial president by the next general election.

Kioni and who is a close ally to President Uhuru has informed that the bill seeks to give sweeping powers to the Head of State explaining that the Commander in Chief should be bequeathed with extra powers to hire and fire his Deputy.

In his bill, the Ndaragwa Member of Parliament has also pushed the introduction of Prime Minister and two Deputy President’s posts and which shall get direct nomination from the Head of State.

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Do you think the replacement of DP William Ruto’s GSU guards with AP ones yesterday was protocol, or petty politics?

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