DCI Finally Reveal Where Caro is Hiding As More Details Emerge; All Smiles For These Teachers as Their July Payslips to Get Fatter Despite CBA Talks & Tuju, Kutuny Reveal Their Plans Against DP Ruto

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The nation is still living in fear of policewoman Caroline Kangogo who has gone on a killing spree of what seems to be the men in her life.

Cases of police officers ‘losing’ their minds and misusing their firearms have become so rampant in the country, that it is no longer news when we hear that officers have shot each other, or civilians.

What do we expect though, in a country where finding the will to live is becoming almost impossible, due to outrageous economic conditions, and in a system where the police force is there just for the money?

If you analyze Western countries, you will realize that to them, police work is a calling, that one follows from a young age.

Officers there adore their work, and operate with a high level of responsibility, except for the rising cases of racism against US Black residents.

Back home, police work is reserved for those who score low grades in schools and who are unable to find other means of earning a living.

Perhaps this is where we go wrong, because some of these people may not be academically gifted, but have ideas to grow themselves in alternate fields.

With the unfriendly policies on entrepreneurship in Kenya, and bureaucracy in getting things as simple as compliance certificates, they are left to take up the only other available opportunity to survive, which is how we end up having bitter police officers who snap easily in our country.

The same case applies to the so-called ‘nurses from hell’, by the way.

As you ponder on this food for thought, here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

DCI Finally Reveal Where Caro is Hiding As Chilling Details Where She Got A 2nd Gun With 15 Bullets Emerge

Caroline Kangogo

The whereabouts of Nakuru-based killer cop Caroline Kangogo remains a complex puzzle for both members of the public and the detectives working on the case.

According to a report, Kangogo has been evading the police by switching her phone off and on every time. She was last seen boarding a Motorcycle at Kahawa Wendani before disappearing in an unknown direction.

According to a report by the Star newspaper, Caroline is suspected to have acquired a second gun from her first victim in Nakuru.

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Raphael Tuju, Joshua Kutuny Reveal Their Plans Against DP Ruto as Raila Odinga, Junet Fire  Back

Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju at a past media briefing

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju and his Deputy Cherengany Member of Parliament Hon Joshua Kutuny have revealed their plans against Deputy President William Ruto as Orange Democratic Movement Party Leader Raila Odinga and Suna East MP Junet Mohammed fires back.

According to reports by the Star, Raphael Tuju, Joshua Kutuny has revealed Jubilee party plans to form an alliance with the former National Super Alliance a move meant to end DP Ruto’s influence across the Country.

Raphael Tuju has informed that there is no way the Jubilee party can only have talks with the ODM and that they will ensure they bring the One Kenya Alliance on board.

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All Smiles For B5 & C1 Teachers in July New Salaries, Their Payslips to Get Fatter Despite CBA Talks

TSC Offices

The teachers’ cry towards getting better salaries is not far from over.

The teachers highly expected that their payslips would have been fatter this month.

However, this has been dashed by SRC. The Commission has said that there will be no new salaries for the government employees for the next two years due to the hard economic times.

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As schools close this coming week, how successful do you think the third term was?


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