Digital Inclusivity Impact Summit Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya- KENCTAD (Kenya Entrepreneurs Conference of Trade and Development) will host its 9th conference with a keen focus on digital inclusivity for women, enterprise and youth in rural Kenya.

The webinar conference which will be held on June 4th, 2021 will be broken down to two sessions, a panel discussion & a training session.

Session 1: Panel discussions on Digital Inclusivity, centered on internet access, mobile access & available digital opportunities for women, enterprise & youth in rural Kenya

Session 2: Digital Skills Training of Women, Enterprise and Youth in Rural Kenya. This session will be led by Africa 118, Africa 118 was founded in 2010 to solve a critical information gap.

This is a great opportunity for ‘discussions of change’ by digital inclusion stakeholders i.e. ICT decision makers of local & national government, business and community-based organizations serving to reduce the digital inclusivity gap for women, businesses & youth in rural areas through training.

The importance and relevance of Digital became more apparent in 2020. COVID- 19 demonstrated the importance of digital readiness, which allows business and life to continue as usual during ‘normal life’ disruptions. Building the necessary infrastructure and policies to support a digitized world and stay current will be essential for any business or country to remain relevant in the post COVID-19 world. We hope to begin positioning Kenya to be Digitally Empowered.

The conference will launch sensitization programs and campaigns for women and youth in rural Kenya, highlighting digital tools, resources and opportunities that can be tapped into.


The Kenyan Entrepreneurs’ conference on Trade & Development, KENCTAD is a platform designed to connect players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, i.e Government, Academia & Private Sector. Our quarterly conferences are designed to encourage collaboration & partnerships. KENCTAD has hosted over 10,000 delegates & is continually building tools & resources to enable the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Here is the official registration link:

For further details contact Flora Nanjala, on 0715001664.

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