Raila Moves to Dismantle Orengo’s Team; Twist as Murathe Delivers This Good News to Ruto and UDA & How Rich Naivasha Businessman Masterminded a String of Highway Robberies

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For many years now, the reason why marriages are crumbling all around has been a puzzle that no one has managed to solve.

What was once referred to as the most sacred institution has become just another passing stage in life, and divorce has become the order of the day.

At first, we thought that financial distress could be the reason why couples grow apart, as they try their best to earn a living for their families, but when a filthy rich couple such as Bill and Melinda Gates decide to part ways, we are back to square one in the puzzle.

Many people criticize the Evolution Theory on the origin of mankind wondering why we all of a sudden stopped evolving, but could it be that we are no longer physically, but emotionally evolving?

Perhaps we are becoming somewhat of a loner species, trying to keep away from all the emotional commitment that comes with romantic relationships.

Can you imagine a society where no marriages exist, and people only get into relationships briefly for procreation? What a mess!

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Raila moves to dismantle rival Orengo team

Raila Odinga and James Orengo

ODM leader Raila Odinga has moved to crush dissent in his Nyanza backyard, gunning for Siaya Senator James Orengo in what could tear the party apart.

ODM on Tuesday kicked out Rarieda MP Otiende Amolo as vice-chair of the influential Justice and Legal Affairs Committee in what appeared to be a warning salvo to Orengo.

Otiende and Orengo are ideological soulmates and have lately raised questions about the BBI process — they want to see amendments— that have rubbed Raila and his inner circle the wrong way. Otiende even said the proposed 70 new constituencies are unconstitutional.

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Twist as Murathe Delivers This Good News To Ruto and UDA

UDA Party press conference.

Jubilee Vice Chairperson David Murathe has been a thorn in the flesh for Ruto and his allies in the past two years openly dismissing Ruto’s 2022 ambitions.

On several occasions, Murathe has been the one who had predicted the removal of Ruto and his key allies from powerful positions both in the Senate and National Assembly.

Ruto and his allies have however been facing another challenge in the ruling Jubilee party due to their new association with UDA party.

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How rich Naivasha businessman masterminded a string of highway robberies

Kenya police respond to a crime scene in the past

Police in Naivasha are seeking a prominent Mai Mahiu businessman over a series of highway robberies in the last couple of months.

The trader who has gone into hiding has been identified as the mastermind behind robberies along the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu road targeting trailers headed to Western Kenya.

This came as the suspect’s Probox car was hit and extensively damaged during a botched robbery attempt that saw one woman suspect nabbed.

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Do you think the relationship between Kenya and Tanzania has been mended by President Samia Suluhu’s visit to Kenya or does more need to be done?

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