Magufuli’s Whereabouts and 4 Other Stories That Dominated Headlines This Week

Good morning,

According to the government, the third coronavirus wave is here with us already, and it is stronger and deadlier.

The question all in our minds is, just how many of these waves do we have to ride out before we are free of this pandemic?

As we muse upon this, here are the five hottest stories that dominated conversations this week:

Have you seen President Magufuli?

J.P Magufuli

Tanzanians are still trying to find out where their leader, John Magufuli, has been for the past week.

It was initially reported that the Head of State was receiving COVID treatment in Nairobi, either at the Nairobi Hospital or the Agha Khan Hospital.

Emerging details now indicate that he might be somewhere in India, but his government insists the Tanzanian leader is well and at home.

Raila contracts COVID

Raila Odinga

The country has been in prayer mode since it emerged that ODM leader Raila Odinga had tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday.

It is believed that the politician contracted the virus during his just-concluded Coastal tour.

Leaders across all divides, including his political nemesis DP William Ruto, have sent their quick recovery wishes to him, which is an encouraging gesture even as political temperatures flare ahead of next year’s election.

Eric Omondi and his prospective wives’ saga

Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi hit the headlines once again when his controversial Wife Material Show returned this week for its second season.

Clips from the show went viral on social media showing skimpily dressed girls embarrassingly thirsting for Eric, leading to his arrest for violating film rules.

Honestly speaking, the show is borderline pornography, and the Kenyan audience is not yet ready for such content.

The curfew nation

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Once again, President Uhuru Kenyatta extended the night curfew, leaving citizens who make money off the nigh-life exasperated.

The curfew will last another 60 days and will be complemented by other coronavirus containment measures such as a ban on political gatherings, a limitation of church, weddings, and funeral attendees, and, the regular observation of high hygiene standards.

The big question here is, can our leaders really refrain from convening political events as the campaign season draws nearer?

Corona vaccine in Kenya

A vaccine vial.

This week, County governments began administering coronavirus jabs to priority groups of people, mostly health workers.

There are, however, safety concerns of the AstraZeneca vaccines after several European countries suspended it over blood clotting fears.

Should our government also look into this, or is it just a problem for the West, as we initially assumed Coronavirus was?

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