Ruto’s Message to Raila After Testing Positive For Covid-19; Raila May Have Got Covid From a Mombasa Family & Politicians Who Interacted With Raila Before Testing Positive

Good morning fellow Kenyans,

A year after Kenya recorded its first case of Covid-19, the deadly virus is still within us.

The rate of community transmission has significantly risen in recent times. This has been fuelled by our never-changing attitude while approaching Covid-19 protocols in our day to day lives.

With the latest prominent person to have confirmed that he has tested positive for the virus being Raila Odinga, it is high time that we accept that we are at risk of getting the virus if we don’t conform to set procedures.

We must take the personal initiative of ensuring we do whatever we can to salvage the situation that is almost slipping from our hands given the looming third wave.

We must also appreciate leaders such as Raila who have come out to speak publicly of testing positive for the virus. While we agree that the disease is deadly, it is prudent that we appreciate we are humans and capable of testing positive for the virus.

We should never be put into a speculative situation as is the case with Tanzania where the government is mum on the status of its President.

We hold on to these simple facts about the virus and take caution, we will no doubt be a step closer to beating this virus.

That aside, here are our top stories today:

Ruto’s Message to Raila After Testing Positive For Covid-19

ODM leader Raila Odinga With Deputy President William Ruto. FILE

Deputy President William Ruto has sent a moving message to the ODM leader Raila Odinga after he tested positive for Covid-19.

In a statement he took to his social media handles, the DP wished the ODM leader quick recovery as he shared a biblical message to comfort him.

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Raila May Have Got Covid From a Mombasa Family

Raila Odinga in a meeting with Coastal leaders.

ODM leader Raila Odinga could have got Covid-19 from a prominent Mombasa family.

Raila visited the family last week when he was on a tour of the region and unknown to him some of the businessman’s relatives had been infected.

“These people are known to Raila and he didn’t know that they had patients, some in critical condition. Raila met them and spent some time with them only for him to return to Nairobi with Covid symptoms,” said an aide aware of the meeting.

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Politicians Who Interacted With Raila Before Testing Positive

Raila Odinga in his coastal tour.

Former prime minister Raila Odinga tested positive for the COVID-19 disease on Thursday, March 11, after days of hospitalisation.

Days before he was admitted to Nairobi Hospital after he complained of fatigue, the Orange Democratic Movement leader had interacted with several politicians as he continued to popularise the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI bill) across the country.

Already, some politicians have come out and revealed they interacted with the former PM before he checked into the hospital

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