Police Storm Sudi’s Hotel Ready To Arrest Him; Uhuru’s Lookalike Evicted After Being ‘Used’ & 60 Nuns, 25 Priests Die of Covid in Tanzania

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Kenya is set to start the much-anticipated COVID-19 vaccinations tomorrow after the first batch landed in the country on Tuesday night.

This is amid growing concerns from Kenyans who are skeptical that the vaccine could have unsafe side effects and conspiracy theories emerging about the vaccination campaigns being used to control the population and limit fertility.

Worse still, another scandal is looming with politicians and who is who in the country reportedly lining up to be the first to take the jab meant for frontline workers and other vulnerable groups.

The healthcare workers themselves have expressed mixed feelings towards the uptake of the vaccine with a number of them raising concerns over the efficacy of the drug.

The government now has the daunting task of demystifying these myths and be transparent enough to Kenyans lest the skepticism will turn to rebellion against the vaccine.

In the meantime, do you think the vaccine is safe for you, and are you willing to take it when it becomes available?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Police Storm Sudi’s Hotel Ready To Arrest Him Ahead Of By-Elections

How police lost plot and face in the hunt for Sudi - The Standard

Drama ensued in one of the local hotels after police officers went looking for Kapseret member of parliament Oscar Sudi.

In a viral video uploaded by the parliamentarian police officer stormed a hotel that he was spending the night arresting several of his allies.

Sudi was heard questioning them as the reason as to why they were doing the arrest late at night.

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Uhuru’s Lookalike Evicted After Being ‘Used’

President Uhuru's lookalike says he doesn't know his father

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s lookalike Michael Njogu, who went viral after netizens noticed his striking resemblance to the head of state, has come out to speak since his fame faded.

In an interview with EX-Tahidi High actor Kibunja, Michael, who is famously known as Uhunye, shared the changes that have happened since disappearing from the limelight.

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60 Nuns, 25 Priests Die of Covid in Tanzania

Tanzania's Magufuli panned as Covid-19 cases jump, three MPS die — Quartz Africa

Sixty nuns and 25 priests have died in Tanzania in the last two months after showing symptoms of the coronavirus, the Catholic Church in the East African nation says.

The church, which has been outspoken about coronavirus before in one of the few countries in the world not to publish its virus data, warned Tanzanians to take Covid-19 precautions more seriously.

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Former PM Raila Odinga on Wednesday stated that he is ready to support any other person willing to vie for presidency under the ODM ticket, including his deputy party leader and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. Do you think Raila will drop his presidential ambitions to back Joho in 2022?

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