Vocal MP Involved In Grisly Road Accident; Man in Court for Vowing to Shoot Uhuru & Inside Kenya’s Vaccination Plan as First Doses Arrive

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It is, by now, common knowledge that most men in our current generation are serial cheats, but what happened to doing one’s dirty deed in secret?

Kikuyu artiste Samidoh, his wife, and his side chic have been the subject of discussion over the past few days after their love triangle became an internet mess.

Insults have been flying all around, especially between the wife and the mistress, with most netizens taking the wife’s side…And for a good reason.

Our men keep asking why women nowadays do not date broke men, and the case of Samidoh and his polygamy tendencies is the perfect explanation for this.

From photos of his first family doing rounds on the internet, one can tell that he met and married his wife while still trying to figure life out, but once the money started trickling in, he became wayward.

Keeping in mind that the infidelity possibility in modern marriages is very likely, why, then, would one get married to a broke man, who will eventually humiliate you, while you can get married to a rich man who may do the same?

As the saying goes, it’s better to cry in Dubai than in Githurai.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today: 

Vocal MP Involved In a Grisly Road Accident

MP Wambilianga

Bungoma Woman Representative Catherine Wambilianga was on Monday evening involved in a ghastly road accident.

The MP was in Kabuchai Constituency where she was in a campaign trail to drum up support for the Ford Kenya candidate in the forthcoming by-election.

The by-election is slated for March 4th.

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Man in court for saying he would shoot Uhuru if given a gun

uhuru kenyatta cj maraga
President Uhuru. Photo: Courtesy

A man has been arraigned in the Kiambu Law Courts for saying he would shoot President Uhuru Kenyatta without hesitation if he had a gun.

Simon Muchiri was accused of publishing threatening remarks against Uhuru. Photo: Daily Nation.

Simon Muchiri is said to have made threatening remarks on his Facebook page on February 27, at a yet-to-be-determined place.

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Inside Kenya’s vaccination plan as first doses arrive

First batch of Covid-19 vaccine arrives on Tuesday or Wednesday

With more than 105,000 Kenyans having tested positive for Covid-19 and 1,856 lives lost as at Sunday, it is a big relief as the first batch of vaccines arrive in the country.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said the vaccines are expected at JKIA on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Unicef will support the transportation of medicine to the country’s airport.

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With all the deaths and accidents affecting our leaders of late, do you believe in the popular Kenyan superstition that ambitious political hopefuls offer human lives as sacrifices for power when elections near? 

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