Names of DP Ruto-allied MPs Who are Next Targets on Jubilee’s Chopping Board; KCPE Survives but no More Choice of School & Ruto, Munya in Major Clash Over Central Politics

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If you have friends with children studying under the new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), please check upon them, because they are not okay.

Since parents of these kids were educated based on an entirely different education program, assisting their children with homework has become an uphill task, with many complaining of their children failing in tasks that they helped in.

While the good old 8-4-4 system was focused on filling our brains with as much information as possible, the CBC aims to impart practical skills to help students identify where they fit, in an ever-changing world.

With 8-4-4, as long as one was able to sing the alphabet and the multiplication table, they were considered geniuses in lower primary, and cramming capability was an invaluable asset for learning in advanced classes.

The CBC is a good approach to education actually, but parents are facing it rough, from the new pronunciation of the alphabet to strange parent-student after school assignments.

So the next time you see your friend with their child collecting bottle tops or scrap metal on the streets, or sweeping in the market, don’t assume they have gone mad…Just give them a hug.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Names of Misbehaving MPs Allied to DP Ruto Who are the Next Targets of Uhuru’s Jubilee

Jubilee top leaders

Deputy President William Ruto’s allies are yet to breathe a sigh of relief after details emerged that four more members of parliament are being targeted by the ruling Jubilee party a day after six senators were expelled.

According to the new disclosure, the MPs being targeted are nominated and serving in the National Assembly and have since pledged their allegiance to deputy president William Ruto and not the party leader.

Among those being targeted is former Runyejes constituency Member of Parliament Honourable Cecily Mbarire, she is since serving as a nominated MP after having lost the governorship race to incumbent Martin Wambora.

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KCPE Survives but no More Choice of School

Learners in the Competency-Based Curriculum will sit a final examination at the end of primary school, just like KCPE, but the test will not entirely decide their secondary school.

Under the new curriculum, the transition from Grade 6 to secondary school will be based on a hybrid model involving a combination of CATs (Classroom Assessment Techniques and KNEC tests.

Learners will be required to take CATs at the end of Grades 4, 5, and 6 that will be part of the final mark the learners get at the end of primary school.

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Ruto, Munya in Major Clash Over Central Politics

DP Ruto and CS Munya

Deputy President William Ruto and Agriculture CS Peter Munya on Tuesday publicly clashed at a funeral in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Kiambu county.

In what signaled the widening rift between President Kenyatta and the DP, Munya told off Ruto over an earlier remark that a section of Mt Kenya leaders was trying to make Kenyatta a regional President.

“President Uhuru is our President and I want to plead with you as leaders and the people from this region, do not reduce the President to be a President of Mt Kenya alone. No. If you say the President to be a President for this region alone, who will be our President? We voted for him and we love him and we have worked with him all these years,” Ruto said amid cheers from the mourners.

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On Tuesday, Jubilee sealed the fate of Murang’a senator, Irungu Kangata, by ousting him as the majority whip in Senate. Do you think Kang’ata was ever on Jubilee’s side at all, was he just a trojan horse cleverly placed into the Kieleweke team by DP William Ruto and his allies? 

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