Kanze Dena and 5 Other Topics That Made Headlines This Week

Good morning,

Can you believe January is already over?

We are absolutely loving the speed at which 2021 is moving, and although we do not know what we are moving towards, at least we are assured that we are moving away from the coronavirus pandemic.

Politicians and the rest of Kenyans are also moving at the same pace as the calendar in terms of drama and controversy, as explained in the following highlights of stories that made headlines this week:

“Mr. Six Months”

ODM leader Raila Odinga

First of all, we have to agree that when it comes to giving nicknames, ODM leader Raila Odinga is not very good at it.

Nevertheless, we felt his pain as he took to social media, twice, to admonish DP William Ruto on Jubilee’s unfulfilled election pledges, wondering what happened to the promises of empowerment, six months into Jubilee’s reign.

Is the DP really to blame though, or should his boss, the Head of State assume the “Mr. Six Months” tag?

The burning issue in the education system

A police vehicle at a scene of a crime

If you need proof of the huge generational gap between Millenials and the newer Generation Z, look no further than their means of rebellion.

Back in the day, the furthest that almost all school protests went was breaking of dorm or classroom windows, and storming out of institutions.

Nowadays, students actually have the guts to set structures on fire, not minding the danger this poses to their lives, and the obvious loss of valuable property. Fires were reported in more than five schools this week, prompting Education CS George Magoha to propose the reintroduction of corporal punishment.

Kanze Dena’s new look

Kanze’s before and after

On Friday, former Citizen TV news anchor Kanze Dena, who now works in communications at State House, stepped out for a press conference on the President’s weekend schedule.

What caught the eye of many was her weight gain, and it did not take speculators long to ‘explain’ this to the rest of us. Some claimed that State House was overfeeding her, while others proposed it was baby weight.

Can’t a lady get thick in peace?

Facing Mt. Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta arriving at a past event

What Kanze was telling the press, before her appearance overshadowed her message, was that Uhuru was going to spend the weekend in Central Kenya, meeting like-minded politicians and the region electorate.

The Sagana meeting had earlier in the week invoked a social media cold war, especially from anti-Uhuru politicians, who took the fact that they were not invited to the summit personally.

Uhuru’s tour started on Friday, and we are sure that the weekend will not end without more unkind words flying among our politicians on the same matter.

A heckling nation

Raila Odinga Rally in Githurai.

It was sad seeing citizens attack both Ruto and Raila in Nairobi during different events this week.

The ODM boss had gone to Githurai to meet traders when his convoy was stoned by irate area residents, while the DP faced the same during his visit to the Burma market.

Everyone is free to visit whichever area of the country they feel like, and if you do not subscribe to their ideologies, why not stay home?

It is called freedom of movement and speech people.


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