Hospitals Reject Thousands as Medics’ Strike Bites; BBI is not Alpha and Omega, Says Mudavadi & No Direct Hand-picking of Candidates in ODM, Party Declares

Good morning,

Christmas is just two days away, so let us get a bit spiritual today.

Do you know of the bible verse that warns us of the power of the tongue?

If not, you must have at least heard of the saying “careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.”

The two phrases couldn’t be more relevant to Kenyans, who for the longest time have been wishing death upon their leaders.

When the Coronavirus pandemic struck our country, we were quick to pray that the disease finishes off our politicians.

It seems God has begun ‘answering’ our evil prayers if the rate at which we are losing MCAs, MPs, and governors is anything to go by.

No matter how misplaced our politicians’ priorities are, and no matter how much we are suffering under their poor leadership, it is never fair to wish death even upon our worst enemies.

It is shocking to read social media comments by people celebrating the demise of others, forgetting that we are all destined to suffer the same fate someday.

Perhaps our attitude and roho chafu are the reasons why God seems to have abandoned us as a nation?

As you ponder upon this Christmas food for thought, here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Hospitals reject thousands as medics’ strike takes hold

DISCHARGED: Just a day after surgery, a patient is wheeled out of award and sent home at the Kenyatta National Hospital on December 21.

At one hospital, you needed a serious injury – may be a crushed leg – to be seen by two exhausted nurses who did not go on strike.

At another, a patient was discharged a day after major surgery.

Only the mortuary was open at another facility.

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BBI is not alpha and omega, says Mudavadi

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi.

Debate on the proposed constitutional amendments is becoming a hindrance to service delivery, ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has said.

Mudavadi urged the people driving the Building Bridges Initiative to put a closure to the debate. He said the proposed changes “have become the talk of the town day and night”.

“It now looks like all the energy has been directed to the BBI process as if it is the alpha and omega of all the problems affecting this country,” he said.

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No Direct Hand-picking of Candidates in ODM, Party Declares

ODM leader Raila Odinga

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has extended the timelines for submission of papers for those who wish to contest in by Elections. The deadline had been set for 21st but now has been extended.

With this announcement, ODM has officially communicated that there will be no Direct Hand-picking of candidates in the party. In a press release late night yesterday, the party has demanded that all those who wish to contest using its ticket should apply to the party’s National Electoral Board.

The interested individuals should find a copy of the application forms at Orange house within Lavington area. The party further communicated that forms should not be submitted after 24th December in the afternoon. The party has not yet communicated when the primaries will be held.

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With less than two years to the next General Election, do you think it is necessary to hold a Nairobi County by-election after the impeachment of Mike Sonko, or is the Nairobi Metropolitan Services entity capable of taking us through to 2022?

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