Somalia Cuts Ties With Kenya in Night Announcement; Kenya Orders 24 Million Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine & Etale Claims Foreign Hackers Have Landed in Msambweni to Manipulate Election

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If you think political tension is the worst thing happening to our country, then let us enlighten you on the slowly, but steadily, cropping up issue of obscenity.

It started a few years ago when the gengetone genre of music emerged, characterized by vulgar lyrics and half-naked twerking video vixens.

At the time, anyone who dared to call out gengetone artistes on their content was branded as moral police, with the majority of us looking the other way,  in the name of ‘at least they are making money off music, and not robbing people in the ghetto’.

This was clearly a huge mistake, seeing as to how the moral values amongst our children have become eroded.

When the biggest act of rebellion by 80s and 90s babies during their youth was probably smoking cigarettes and getting home late, Millenials are going as far as holding sex parties!

On the other hand, our political leaders, of mature and respectable age, are out there uttering unprintable words at each other in broad daylight, under the full glare of cameras.

Has Kenya turned into the devil’s bedroom?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Somalia Cuts Ties With Kenya in Night Announcement

President Uhuru Kenyatta (right) and his Somalia counterpart Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo follow proceedings during Kenya’s 16th annual National Prayer Breakfast at Safari Park hotel in Nairobi on May 31, 2018.

The Somali government has severed diplomatic ties with the Kenyan government in an announcement that was made in the wee hours of Tuesday, December 15.

In the announcement, Somalia Minister of Information Osman Abukar Dubbe issued Kenyan diplomats residing in Mogadishu seven days to leave the country.

At the same time, Dubbe recalled its diplomats who are stationed in Nairobi.

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Kenya orders 24 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine

The doses will cost Kenya a total of Sh10 billion, the ministry confirmed.

Kenya has ordered 24 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine, enough to cover 20 percent of the country’s population, the Star has learned.

The Ministry of Health submitted its request to the global vaccine alliance Gavi last week.

The doses will cost Kenya a total of Sh10 billion, the ministry confirmed.

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‘Foreign Hackers Have Pitched Camp in Msambweni To Manipulate Elections Results’, Etale Alleges

ODM Director For Communication Phillip Etale

ODM Director For Communication Phillip Etale has alleged that foreign hackers have pitched at Swahili Beach Hotel in an effort to manipulate results for the upcoming by-election in Msambweni.

However, Etale further revealed that his party is on top of their game to monitor all events happening in the area, adding that ODM candidate Omar Boga will win by a big margin.

“The foreign hackers based at Swahili Beach Hotel will have not space to carry out their activities here in Msambweni. We are on top of the game. They will not succeed. Omar Idd Boga is going to win, and with a BIG MARGIN.”

He claims that those hired are a team of experts with their nationality being British, Polish and German.

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As the people of Msambweni go to the ballot today to replace their deceased MP, do you think the animosity that has brewed up between the Hustler Nation and Deep State factions is a sneak preview of what awaits us in 2022?

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