Why Gradual Reopening of Schools Might Be Halted; Tough Times For Ruto As Govt’s Plan To Kill Hustlers Movement is Revealed & Chebukati’s IEBC Team Could be Kicked Out Before 2022 Elections

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After months of back and forth, the much-anticipated Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report is finally out for Kenyans to read, grasp and make critical decisions about the nation’s future.

With a referendum almost inevitable, it is now upon every Kenyan to keenly understand every aspect of the recommendations that mainly dwell on an expanded executive and increased representation at the legislature and determine whether the new constitutional order is the way to go.

Well, this is the ideal case. In the coming weeks, we expect leaders across the political divide to spew rhetoric and propaganda either for or against the report without necessarily making an effort of educating the common mwananchi on the pros and cons of the recommendations.

Worse still, a sizeable number of Kenyans will, without even knowing what is in the document, blindly base their decisions on what politicians who have their own self-interests tell them.

To avoid the mistakes we made during the 2005 and 2010 referendums, let’s take time to read the BBI report before either rejecting or accepting it. Otherwise, the same politicians will come to us after 10 years and ask us to amend the constitution once more to suit their interests of the day.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Why Gradual Reopening of Schools Might be Halted

Revealed: Primary and secondary schools to reopen between October 4-19 - Citizentv.co.ke

Stakeholders are mulling a halt to the gradual reopening of schools as a second wave of coronavirus infections appears imminent.

Several schools have reported cases of Covid-19 since reopening last week after seven months of closure due to the pandemic.

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Tough Times Ahead For Ruto As Govt’s Plan To Kill Hustlers Movement is Revealed

DP Ruto accused of being in panic mode after sensing 2022 defeat - Citizentv.co.ke

The year 2020 has not been the best for Deputy President William Ruto as far as political luck is concerned. The DP has no doubt experienced the toughest of times ever this year in his long political career.

He has been having problems with his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, with the two reportedly not seeing each other ‘eye to eye’ nowadays. The frequent public outbursts and fights between the two have forced the Deputy President out in the cold.

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Chebukati’s IEBC Team Could be Kicked Out Before 2022 Elections

Wanyonyi Wafula Chebukati Biography - Age, Family, Education, Net-worth, Personal Life

New commissioners will manage the 2022 General Election if the recommendations of the Building Bridges Initiative are approved.

The Yusuf Haji-led BBI Steering Committee wants the country to go to the next election on a clean slate by recruiting new commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

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Deputy President William Ruto, on Wednesday, made a passionate speech regarding the BBI report presented to his boss Uhuru Kenyatta and stated that he was willing to engage the BBI proponents in conversation provided they meet certain conditions. Do you foresee the DP finally accepting the BBI in its entirety any time soon? Or do you think he will be the main antagonist leading the ‘No’ campaign if it goes all the way to a referendum?

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