Leaked Details of BBI Report; Standard 8, Grade 4 Pupils Begin National Exams Today & Types of Huduma Namba Cards to Be Issued

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The comparisons between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto’s contributions towards youth empowerment could not be more divergent as witnessed yesterday during the Mashujaa Day celebrations.

As if trying to counter DP Ruto’s hustlers’ narrative, the President once again took the opportunity to parade some of the most innovative projects, such as those showcased during the recent exhibition at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Law Enforcement Academy in Manyani, Taita Taveta County. They included among others, geospatial, airborne geophysical, cyber and national security industrialization projects.

Of course, this could not go unnoticed with several Kenyans drawing parallels between the president’s more technologically advanced innovations by the youth vis-à-vis his deputy’s wheelbarrow and Mkokoteni narratives.

However, to be fair to the DP, there are those that have not been privileged with quality education and cannot come up with such innovations. To his ardent supporters and common Mwananchi, those are the people that he is supporting so that they can earn their daily bread by making the manual jobs that they depend on easier.

Therefore, with the state machinery at the disposal of the Head of State, he is better-placed to empower the more tech-savvy innovations while his deputy, who is seemingly already on full-swing campaign mood two years to the general elections, distributes more wheelbarrows to the less fortunate.

Do you think these two contrasting schools of thought could co-exist peacefully or will they eventually collide?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Leaked Details of BBI Report

Handshake' report now ready as BBI team promises 'positive, far-reaching change' - Citizentv.co.ke

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report is expected to be released any day this week with proposals on changes to the constitution.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during his Mashujaa Day address on October 20, claimed the current Constitution is to blame for the lack of inclusivity in the country.

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Standard 8, Grade 4 Pupils Begin National Exams Today


Standard eight and Grade Four pupil will today begin nationwide exams, to help identify the learning gaps created by the seven-month closure of schools.

The rest of the classes will also be assessed upon their return to schools.

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Types of Huduma Namba Cards to Be Issued

Uhuru Kenyatta, First Lady Margaret receive first Huduma Namba cards - Citizentv.co.ke

President Uhuru Kenyatta received the first sample of the Huduma Namba card on October 20, setting the ground for a national rollout.

Kenyans are expected to receive the cards in December after the National Assembly approves the appointment of former IEBC Director of Voter Education Immaculate Kassait as Kenya’s first Data Commissioner.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has indicated that the long-awaited Huduma Namba identification cards are ready for rollout to Kenyans. This is amid some resistance from Deputy President William Ruto’s allies who earlier this month claimed that the system was being managed by a foreign firm, adding that there was a scheme to rig the 2022 elections. Do you think there is any truth in Tanga Tanga’s allegations?

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