Betika’s Ksh100M Grand Jackpot is Back with Guaranteed Rewards for Zero Correct Predictions!

There is a buzz of excitement among Kenyan punters as Kenya’s number one bookmaker, Betika, announces the comeback of the largest jackpot in Kenya.

The famous Grand Jackpot requires one to correctly predict 17 games to win the KSH 100 million Grand prize!

As expected, the innovative bookmaker relaunched the Grand Jackpot with an interesting twist for its customers.

Betika announced that in addition to the attractive bonuses offered to customers who get 12-16 out of 17 correct predictions, there will now be a bonus reward of up to Ksh 5 Million to customers who get 0 out of 17 correct predictions!

Yes, you read that right- It now pays for you to lose, and it pays big!

Furthermore, in the event when there is no Jackpot winner, the punters with the highest number of correct predictions will share a Ksh 10 Million bonus.

This means that even if the person with the highest correct predictions gets 5 out of 17 correct predictions, the shared bonus is guaranteed!

This news has been met with a lot of excitement as punters have streamed to the Betika website to place their early bird bets. Betika customers have the options of getting the Grand Jackpot games from or via SMS, by sending the word ‘GJP’ to 29090.

To place a Jackpot bet, customers need Ksh 99 only. This is surely an interesting and exciting twist that has Betika’s customers buzzing on social media

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