A Week in a Minute: 5 Hot Stories That Made Headlines This Week

While we all agree that 2020 has not been a kind year to us, it would be rude of us not to acknowledge its one silver lining: How fast it is going by.

Can you believe that the new year is only three months away? Geological conspiracy theorists might posit that the increase in global warming has led to an increase in the speed of the earth’s revolution.

The religious lot, on the other hand, might argue that God has seen our suffering this year and sped up the calendar.

Whichever view you may support, the fact of the matter is that Christmas is around the corner and we can’t keep calm!

To help you begin the end of year countdown, here are five stories that made headlines this week:

Jowie and Ella got cunning

Jowie’s wife, Eleanor

Honestly, we still do not understand Jowie Irungu’s marriage to his bombshell wife Eleanor.

This is probably why when the two unfollowed one another and deleted photos of one another on Instagram, people got speculative assuming that the marriage had bitten the dust.

Turns out it was just a publicity stunt for Jowie’s new music single….isn’t this attention-seeking tactic getting a bit too old?

The DJ Mo, Size 8, and Joyce Maina controversy

Joyce Maina, DJ Mo and Size 8

While we are still minding other people’s marriages, rumor also had it this week, that the Muraya’s were going through a rough patch, after Size 8 unfollowed her husband DJ Mo on Instagram, over an alleged love affair.

We are still not sure if there is trouble in their paradise, but Switch TV presenter Joyce Maina came out to refute claims that she was the wedge between the two.

Netizens had heaped the blame on her after she shared a photo with a mysterious man, who Kenyans, led by tea master Edgar Obare, claimed was DJ Mo.

The never-ending Jubilee drama

President Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto at State House

You already know how this one goes…Deputy President William Ruto makes a stand, the Jubilee leadership makes a different stand, words are exchanged and we move on to the next issue of contention.

So, this week, it was about the Msambweni by-election. DP Ruto had already indicated his support for one Sharlet Akinyi, only for Jubilee to declare that it was not going to field a candidate, as a sign of goodwill to newly-found friends ODM.

The issue raised a lot of bitterness, with some Ruto-allied leaders expressing concern that ODM had actually bewitched Jubilee bosses.

The schools re-opening confusion loop

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha. PHOTO: Courtesy

The Ministry of Education should be awarded a medal for its prowess in vagueness.

It is extremely frustrating for parents, students, and teachers when education leaders insist on commenting on when learning will resume, yet they do not provide concrete details.

Instead of clinging onto the “we are not saying schools are not reopening, but we are not saying they are re-opening” narrative, why can’t the Ministry just avoid the topic completely and address the issue once firm decisions are made?

Murang’a death at a funeral

A funeral planning meeting for the deceased family in progress

A family of four from Murang’a who died in a freak road accident earlier in the month were laid to rest yesterday.

In the African setup, such deaths are viewed as driven by spiritual forces, so imagine how spooked Kenyans were, after yet another person died while on the way to the funeral of the deceased family on Friday. It is said that man fell off a bus and landed head first, dying on the spot.

How is that for supernatural?

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