Magoha Responds to Parents on School Fees Payment; Roselyn Akombe Hints at What Could be Happening to CJ Maraga, Asks Kenyans For Prayers & State to Appeal CJ Maraga Parliament Dissolution Bid

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Did you hear about billionaire Chris Kirubi’s advice to men on marriage?

If you missed out, the businessman said that marriage is a jail that one should avoid at all costs, unless you find the perfect partner.

His words got us thinking that perhaps, it is time we had a conversation on the toxicity of marriage nowadays.

The truth is that Kirubi’s perspective is actually correct: People are jailing themselves by marrying whomever they want in the whiff of the moment, without considering critical factors such as compatibility.

Remember that marriage is for life, so by the time one realizes that they wedded the wrong person, it is too late. Divorce is still frowned upon in our society, so many people opt to stay together no matter how miserable life may be, bringing us back to the point, ”marriage is a jail.”

The saddest part is that our men took Kirubi’s advice at face value- as if he meant that women are the enemies of success.

No, women are not the enemies of success, shallowness is.

Whether you marry or not, as long as you are unable to look at life critically, then you will forever live to blame ”the other gender” for your shortcomings.

Should we turn up the volume?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

School Reopening: Magoha Responds to Parents on School Fees Payment

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha during a past function. PHOTO: Courtesy

Education CS George Magoha on Monday, September 21, assured parents that only tuition fees would be paid once schools re-opened in October 2020.

Speaking after a meeting with education stakeholders at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Magoha stated that no student would be sent home for fees, adding that the constitution provided that primary education is free and compulsory.

“For boarding schools, the tuition part is also free, and teachers are not animals, they are ready to listen to those parents and we should treat every case as it comes,” Magoha stated.

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Roselyn Akombe Hints What Could be Happening to CJ Maraga, Asks Kenyans For Prayers

Roselyn Akombe during a past media briefing

A few hours after Chief Justice David Maraga asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Parliament over its failure to enact a law on gender balance, Kenyans are being urged to put the CJ and his family in prayers.

Maraga on Monday was the topic of discussion after he asked the President to call off his current parliament.

Former IEBC official Dr. Rolselyn Akombe wants Kenyans to pray for the CS, and his family.

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State to appeal CJ Maraga Parliament dissolution bid

Kenyan Supreme Court Chief Justice David Maraga presides during the judgment of election-related petitions in Nairobi on Monday.

State House on Monday asked Attorney General Kihara Kariuki to challenge an advisory by Chief Justice David Maraga asking the President to dissolve Parliament.

Maraga asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Parliament — itself non-compliant with the two-thirds gender rule — for failure to enact the law which provides for gender balance.

Multiple sources told the Star that the AG will go to court later in the week to seek an interpretation to Maraga’s advisory.

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After Chief Justice David Maraga’s call for the dissolution of Parliament, keeping in mind his abrasive history with President Uhuru Kenyatta, do you think the latter will heed to this crucial advice, or will Maraga’s opinion once again be shelved?

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