Kenyans Mock Journalist Who Spoke to Uhuru in Broken English; Parents Anxious About Increased Charges During Schools Reopening & Ruto Over the Moon as Raila Odinga Joins the Hustler Debate

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For a docket that claims it does not want to mislead Kenyans, the Education Ministry sure releases a lot of confusing information to the public.

The latest news from the George Magoha-led Ministry indicates that students are set to return to school in about two weeks’ time.

On behalf of all parents who “ate” this year’s school fees after it was said that the 2020 school year was canceled, can the government get serious?

How are parents supposed to send their children to school in the middle of, of all months, October?

And how about the newly ordered school desks…will they be ready in two weeks, not forgetting the fact that a scandal must erupt in there somewhere?

We acknowledge that CS Magoha has done commendable work thus far, but his Ministry needs to tone down on the back-to-school rush.

We have already accepted that 2020 is a lost year, and so should the government and other education stakeholders.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Kenyans Mock Journalist With Broken English While Speaking to President Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Instead of correcting the poor man and urging him to pull up his socks, Kenyans on social media have decided to attack the journalist who was captured speaking to President Uhuru Kenyatta at Mombasa.

In the short video that has since gone viral on various Facebook groups and pages, the journalist was unable to articulate himself and lacked confidence and stammered while speaking to the head of state.

Kenyans have reprimanded him over poor grammar with a section claiming that he should focus on other things like business if he can’t confidently express himself. “What kind of journalism is this?”

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October School Reopening: Parents Anxious About Increased Charges

KCPE students during an exam

Parents across the country have grown anxious fearing increased charges after Covid-19 Education Response Committee settled on Monday, October 19 as the school reopening date.

Speaking to the press on Sunday, September 20, Kenya Parents Association Chairman Nicholas Maiyo urged the government to review fee guidelines arguing that parents had depleted their savings.

“Most Parents lost their jobs in March and May, and may not be able to raise the second term fees. The government should review fees guidelines. We are in very difficult times,” Maiyo told Daily Nation.

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Ruto Over the Moon as Raila Odinga Joins the Hustler Debate

Raila Odinga and William Ruto share a handshake

Deputy President William Ruto has subtly congratulated ODM leader Raila Odinga for joining the hustler debate and accepting that every hardworking person has humble beginnings.

Ruto, who has been using the hustler tag to woo the ordinary mwananchi in his hustler movement, said that the country was finally having the “conversation of its lifetime” (the hustler).

According to the DP, leaders in Kenya had hinged their agenda on divisive politics of ethnicity and tribalism and forgotten about the plight of poor and jobless.

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Following the shocking incident where a woman was left to give birth at the gate of Pumwani Maternity Hospital, do you think all the refurbishing at the institution by Governor Mike Sonko was just a publicity stunt, with the rot in the management remaining despite the face-lift?

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