A Week in a Minute: 7 Hot Stories That Made The Headlines This Week

We are finally on the first Saturday of the new month after a rollercoaster week.

The past couple of days were full of many talking points, drama, new fights, and a lot of finger-pointing moments in the political arena.

As we look forward to another seven days ahead, these are the stories that summarise the happenings of the past week:

Ex-Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu Contracts Covid-19

The former Kiambu County boss Ferdinand Waititu was back in the spotlight after he missed to appear in the hearing of his graft case.

Ex- Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu

Waititu claimed that he had contracted Covid-19 and was self-isolating for 14 days.

Despite his failed appearance, the politician’s wife appeared in court for the hearing of the case where the two were allegedly accused of stealing Ksh 510 million.

Uhuru Snaps at an International officer 

President Uhuru Kenyatta is known to be a man who doesn’t easily lose his cool.

During a virtual meeting with international officials on matters Covid-19, the president could not tolerate the interruption of an official going by the name Hubert Perr.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during at a past function

The visibly annoyed Uhuru barred his teeth at the officer noting that he was about to finish his speech if the officer had thought he had taken long to deliver it.

Despite the remark, the annoying Perr was at it again interjecting the Head of State’s moment.

The Jubilee party leader was forced to tell the man to keep quiet so that he could deliver his point across.

Governor Obado’s Impeachment motion

It has been a week of turmoil for Migori Governor Okoth Obado.

Days after his release, Obado was slapped with an impeachment motion by the ODM party.

Migori Governor Okoth Obado during a past court hearing

The group through ODM Chairman John Mbadi notified the embattled County boss that the process had been started.

According to the ‘Chungwa’ party, the decision was arrived upon after the governor’s latest corruption implication.

Murathe Breathes Fire

Jubilee party Vice-Chair  David Murathe came out guns blazing after he was claimed to be part of the Kemsa Covid-19 scandal.

During a fiery interview on Citizen TV, Murathe pointed out that ex-KTN journalist Tonny Gachoka, who had dragged him into the matter, was just making less informed allegations.

Jubilee party Vice-Chair David Murathe during a past interview

Murathe on his part stated that he had previously worked with the company mentioned in the scandal, which was being run by Gachoka’s brother.

He further defended himself expressing that there was enough evidence to prove he had no hand in the graft matter.

To add fuel to the fire, the vocal politician highlighted that Deputy President William Ruto’s allies were part of the scheme that saw billions of shillings stolen.

Ruto’s Mysterious Disappearance from Uhuru’s virtual Covid-19  meeting

Former State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi claimed that DP Ruto was intentionally removed from the meeting chaired by President Uhuru.

According to the ex-employee, he alleged that the deputy president was maliciously cut off just as he began his speech despite having a good and working wifi connection.

Deputy President William Ruto during a past meeting

Council of Governor’s chair Wycliffe Oparanya had noted that they were unable to reconnect the DP to the meeting due to the technological issues.

Itumbi further proclaimed that Ruto’s team had previously held live interviews and meetings, that were never interrupted due to the stability of the internet connection at the DP’s Karen residence.

Moses Kuria Hospitalised for 27 days With Coronavirus

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria revealed that he had contracted the deadly virus.

Kuria expressed that he had spent 27 days at the Karen Hospital after he was found to have the disease.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria in hospital

The tough-talking lawmaker who notified the public of his condition through social media warned Kenyans that the virus was real and that everyone should take care.

A section of netizens, however, trolled him on the matter after they reminded him of the numerous times he had claimed that there was no Coronavirus in the country, but rather a plot by the government to fool its citizens.

Neymar Contracts Covid-19

PSG Star Neymar tested Covid-19 positive along with two other teammates namely Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes.

PSG star Neymar after a past match

The trio was found out to have been infected with the virus after they returned from their holiday in Ibiza.

The announcement that was made by the club noted that the two had to quarantine themselves before being allowed back into the team ahead of the new season.

In addition, the club remarked that the rest of the staff and squad would be continually tested as they prepared for the start of the Ligue 1 campaign.


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