Churches Divided as Ruto Plots Anti-Referendum Battle ; Uhuru Snaps at International Official for Interrupting His Speech & Parliament Caught in Costly Replication of Kemsa Probe

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It is generally hard being a Kenyan, but it must be twice as hard for one Ferdinand Waititu.

On Monday, it emerged that he had contracted Coronavirus, but nobody believed the news.

Instead, Kenyans assumed that he had faked the ailment to avoid appearing in court to answer to corruption charges.

As much as the former County Head let us down, with his alleged waywardness during his tenure in office, shouldn’t we at least sympathize with him, on the slight possibility that he might actually be sick?

Speaking of coronavirus, President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday announced that the coronavirus infection curve in Kenya was on the verge of flattening, urging citizens to be extra cautious during the homestretch to ensure success.

Just like in Waititu’s case, Kenyans cast doubt on the truthfulness on the Head of State, terming his statement as “flattening the curve by fire by force.”

It is clear that Kenyans have lost trust in their leaders, and who can blame them if their hard-earned taxes always end up benefitting just a few privileged individuals?

As we continue observing the controversial curve, here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Churches divided as Ruto plots Uhuru-Raila referendum battle

Deputy President William Ruto

Sharp divisions have rocked churches over the push to amend the Constitution as Deputy President William Ruto plots an anti-referendum showdown.

In contrast with the 2010 constitutional change moment when the church united to campaign against the referendum, religious leaders are currently reading from different hymn sheets.

Their differences are likely to trigger a groundswell of confusion among their followers.

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Uhuru Snaps at International Official for Interrupting His Speech [VIDEO]

President Uhuru Kenyatta alongside DP William Ruto and Jubilee SG Raphael Tuju

President Uhuru Kenyatta got frustrated on Monday, August 31, after an international official by the name Hubert Perr interrupted his speech twice during a virtual conference.

The president was speaking during the Covid-19 Virtual Conference with relevant stakeholders across the country.

As he was in the middle of his speech, Perr, the Head of European Cooperation to Kenya, was heard speaking to someone else in the background.

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Parliament caught in costly replication of Kemsa probe

Kenya’s Parliament in session. PHOTO: Courtesy

Taxpayers will incur huge expenses in the ongoing Covid-19 fund probes that have once again exposed costly duplication of roles and conflict in Parliament.

A record five House committees are conducting parallel investigations and Kenyans have to bear the burden of the huge cost involved, raising questions on whether parliamentarians are keen on ensuring financial probity.

MPs get sitting allowances of Sh5,000 for each ordinary member per committee sitting and Sh8,000 for chairperson. On average, each committee has 19 members, translating into almost Sh100,000 per sitting per committee if all members attend.

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