Muthama on Home Rest After Severe Nosebleed; Kemsa “Expose” Firm Demands Apology From NMG & Suspect Shares Details of Kevin Omwenga’s Final Moments

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There are two types of wealth in life: Old money, and new money.

Old money is wealth that is passed down among families from generation to generation…Think the likes of the Kenyatta family, the Moi family, or as one Deputy President William Ruto likes to term it, the dynasties.

New money on the other hand is money earned through sweat and tears, by persons originating from poor backgrounds. On the streets, people like to call it the “get rich or die trying” kind of affair.

This hunt for new money has turned our beloved country upside down, in terms of morality.

Corporate bosses are milking their companies dry, government bosses are on the verge of emptying out public coffers, and ordinary wananchi are out there killing one another just for money.

In Kenya, earning a decent living has become a taboo, and citizens nowadays live by the mantra heri nililie Runda kuliko nichekee ghetto (I’d rather live miserably in the suburbs than have a happy life in the ghetto).

Perhaps it’s time we killed the notion of new money vs old money, and instead, glorified clean money. Wouldn’t that be a peaceful way of life?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Muthama on Home Rest After Severe Nosebleed on Saturday

Johnson Muthama

Former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama is recovering at his home in Tala after suffering a severe nosebleed on Saturday.

Muthama was addressing mourners during the funeral of Henry Masaku Ngei, the late veteran politician Paul Ngei’s son, at Mbitini in Kangundo when his nose started bleeding.

He was rushed to the hospital and was attended by county medical officers before being taken home to be cared for by his personal doctor.

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Kemsa “Expose” Firm Demands Apology From NMG

Health workers at a coronavirus victim’s grave

Megascope Healthcare Limited is demanding a written apology from Nation Media Group for “highly damaging allegations” that were made in an expose on the alleged theft of Covid-19 funds and donations.

In a letter through Njoroge Regeru and Company Advocates and copied to the Media Council of Kenya, Megascope wants NMG to also commit in writing that the media house will stop any further publication of defamatory articles.

The demand is in response to an investigative story aired on NTV on August 16 titled “Covid-19 Millionaires.” The story was done by investigative journalist Dennis Okari.

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Suspect Shares Details of Kevin Omwenga’s Final Moments

A gun and bullets

A suspect in the murder of Kilimani businessman Kevin Omwenga has confirmed that the shooting did take place albeit accidentally.

In a statement he recorded to the police, the suspect, Robert Bodo Ouko, confirmed that the gun went off while the two were scuffling over the gun.

Ouko, who works as businessman Chris Obure’s personal bodyguard, disclosed that he took the gun from his boss’ office at Senteu Plaza next to Galana suits where the shooting occurred.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to address the nation on matters COVID-19 in two days. Do you think he will introduce new stringent measures, or is the situation now under control?

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