A Week in a Minute: 5 Hot Stories That Made Headlines This Week

Can you believe we are already half-way into August?

This means that, just like the next pay-day is drawing close, we are also nearing the peak and drop of the country’s coronavirus infections, and consequently, the end of the pandemic as a whole.

As we await these glorious days, here are some of the stories that hit the headlines this week, moving hearts, and mountains, literally.

The Wednesday earth tremor

As a result of a medium magnitude earthquake that hit Tanzania on Wednesday, Kenya experienced mild earth tremors, which were reported in Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret, and some parts of Mt. Kenya region.

Road cracks are some of the effects of strong earthquakes

Social media was set ablaze following the geological event, with Kenyans sharing the confusion that hit them when they felt their furniture and houses ”shake” for a few seconds.

‘Lusakanization’ of the Senate

As part of a narrative that is now getting really old, and annoying to Kenyans’ ears, Senate once again failed to agree on a proper model for sharing revenue among the Counties.

Apparently, Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka is part of the fed-up lot, seeing as to how he made a dramatic exit from the House on Tuesday, leaving Senators ”talking to his chair”.

Kenneth Lusaka, Speaker of The Kenyan Senate

This was after some of the legislators called for the House to remain in session until a solution was arrived upon, but Lusaka appeared more concerned about getting home before the 9 PM curfew hour!

He moved the discussion to Thursday, a session that was later re-scheduled to Monday.

HB or Rubber? Ruto settles Nyandarua siblings predicament

Deputy President William Ruto moved the hearts of netizens, after he intervened to save a family from Nyandarua from the jaws of poverty.

The DP hosted Teresia Wakinyua and her brother, James Mwangi at his home in Karen, weeks after a video of the two fighting over whether to buy a pencil and rubber or two pencils went viral on social media.

Noting that poor families are often faced with the predicament on how to share the little that they have, Ruto offered to set up a massive chicken farm for the family.

Ruto breaks silence over the Deep State, the ”Deep State” responds

The Deputy Head of State was in a rare political mood this week, and on Tuesday, he broke his long silence on the threat by the Deep State on his 2022 ambitions.

The DP indicated that he was ready for his enemies, and while they (the enemies) would go to the ballot with devious plans and schemes, he, on the other hand, would be accompanied by God and wananchi.

On his part, ODM leader Raila Odinga, who ”Hustler Nation” deems as one of the Deep State members, took no time in hitting back at his political rival, wondering why Ruto was crying all over yet he is part of the dreaded organization, by virtue of him being the Deputy President.

Michael Njogo Jomo?

A man from Nairobi’s Eastlands became an overnight celebrity after his photos went viral on social media, as Kenyans reeled in the shock of his resemblance to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Michael Njogo, from Umoja, is a mirror image of the Head of State, not just in his looks, but also, his character.

Michael Njogo

His newly-found fame seems to have already started paying off, with rumours flying around that he had landed a marketing deal with a local auto-dealer.

Isn’t it saddening how two people can look so alike, yet lead lives that are worlds apart, in this case, in terms of wealth and stature?

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