#TurudiUwanjani: Bet with Betika without Bundles

Ask any Kenyan and they will tell you that data bundles are a precious commodity.

It is always a pain receiving that infamous “Your bundle balance is below 5MB” message.

Kenya’s leading sports betting firm seems well aware of this pain as their customers heavily rely on availability of an internet connection to place their bets.

Betika customers are in for a pleasant surprise as the gaming firm has ushered in the coming back of the top leagues with a series of offers through a huge campaign that is dubbed #TurudiUwanjani.

One such offer is ‘Betika Bila Bundles’.

With this offer, Betika has partnered with leading Telco, Safaricom, to offer their customers free access to the Betika website.

This means that Betika customers will no longer require to have data bundles to place a bet or view and analyse games on the Betika website.

This will save Betika customers money on mobile data and increase their chances of winning their bets by allowing them to spend as much time as they need analysing the games before placing a bet.

Requirements? None. You can now enjoy free browsing on Betika.com.

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