Police Hunt for Sakaja as He Skips Recording Statement; Papa Shirandula’s Body Arrives in Busia for Burial & Cyrus Oguna Clarifies His Covid-19 Status

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What has become of religion nowadays?

As if it is not enough that we can longer comfortably worship in church due to the Coronavirus pandemic, politicians now seem to be hell-bent, pun intended, on saturating our religious values with their, in the words of one Miguna Miguna, conmanship.

For example, Jubilee faction Tangatanga on Sunday held a prayer session for their colleague, Sirisia MP John Waluke, who was earlier in the month convicted of corruption and slapped with a 67-year jail term, and an impossible alternative fine.

Now according to most religions, the Supreme Power that we worship ordained the justice system to keep His people from living in anarchy, so falling to our knees to plead the case of a person found guilty of one the crimes that God, or Allah or the Buddha, and other deities hate most, is a little bit insulting.

Waluke’s case is not as simple as “taking it to his Maker in prayer”- the system and the gods seem determined to make an example out of him.

Speaking of the system, perhaps our religious Tangatanga leaders need to be reminded that just like the Justice system, the government is also a making of God, so they cannot disrespect figures of authority one day and act holier than thou the next. We all saw former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale ‘sanitize’ an OCPD with a bucket of water on Saturday right?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Papa Shirandula’s Body Arrives in Busia for Burial

The hearse that carried Papa’s Body

The body of actor Charles Bukeko, popularly known as Papa Shirandula, arrived at his Namisi-Bukeko village home in Nanderema, Funyula in Busia County in the wee hours of Monday morning ahead of his burial.

His body was transported from Nairobi, arriving at 3:40am Monday accompanied by two buses of mourners who were received by health officials who screened them under strict Covid-19 protocols.

While the burial attracted lots of attention in the area, health protocols were strictly observed, with mourners from Nairobi isolated in a separate tent erected at the far end of the compound.

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Govt Spokesman Cyrus Oguna Clarifies Covid-19 Status

Cyrus Oguna, Kenyan Government Spokesperson

Government spokesman Cyrus Oguna responded on Sunday, July 19 after reports emerged claiming that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Oguna allayed fears that he was admitted in hospital after contracting the deadly virus, clarifying that he was from an out of town assignment.

“We have noted reports on social media purporting that I have been admitted in hospital. I wish to clarify that I am well and just got back from an assignment out of town,” noted Oguna.

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Police Hunt for Sakaja as Senator Skips Recording Statement

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja

The police were last evening planning a manhunt for Senator Johnson Sakaja after the troubled lawmaker failed to show up to record a statement to facilitate his arraignment for flouting curfew orders.

The Nairobi senator was expected to present himself at the at Kilimani station to record the statement following the Friday night fracas at Ladies Lounge, a bar in Kilimani, but had not turned up by 4pm last evening.

Nairobi police boss Philip Ndolo said the lawmaker, who lives metres from the station, had promised to present himself.

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On Sunday, the number of coronavirus recoveries exceeded the number of new infections in the country. With this in mind, and also noting that new daily cases are above the 600 mark, do you think we are nearing the peak of the infections, with the hope of a flattened curve sooner than expected?

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