Defiant Ruto Forges Plan B Against Uhuru; Ministry Mulls September Reopening for Candidates & Kisii Residents Burn Down Police Station in Protest

Good morning,

Another Uhuru Kenyatta D-Day is finally here, and unlike 30 days ago, this time around, it is difficult to predict what the Head of State has planned for us.

Whichever decision Uhuru makes about the lockdown, Kenyans will not be fully satisfied: If he decides to lift the lockdown, it will be worrying granted the high number of new coronavirus infections being reported daily, and if he decides to extend the lockdown, then we might as well split the cordoned off counties into permanent no-go zones!

Seriously though, Mr. President, we have been stuck in one place for far too long.

Marriages are on the verge of collapse because of couples either not seeing each other for many months, or, seeing too much of each other.

Knowing Kenyans, it would be understandable if Uhuru decides to lock us down even further. Look at it this way- with the current safety measures, we are still infecting one another because we have refused to social distance and wear our masks properly. Imagine the crisis that might arise if we are granted the freedom we so much desire?

As a sign of goodwill, however, we would advise Uhuru to lift the lockdown on counties for just a few days to allow a change of scenery for Kenyans, then lock us up for as many months as need be.

Aren’t you glad you are not the President, faced with such a difficult decision to make on behalf of over 40 million people?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Defiant Ruto forges Plan B, takes on Uhuru

Deputy President William Ruto addressing mourners during the burial of Mzee Nyogosei Tarus at Chepkatet village,Mosop, Nandi county.

Deputy President William Ruto is quietly shopping for an alternative 2022 political vehicle as he signals a ruthless battle against his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

For the first time after months of a hiatus, the DP on Saturday claimed his allies are being politically annihilated in a jibe that appeared clearly directed at Uhuru.

Uhuru has engineered radical changes in Parliament with nearly all Ruto’s foot soldiers unceremoniously sacked because they did not toe his line and advance his agenda.

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Kisii Residents Burn Down Police Station in Protest

Photo of a Kenyan police station

Huge protests in Kisii County over the death of a local businessman on Sunday, July 5 saw residents torch Rioma Police Station.

According to the protesters, the businessman was shot and killed by a police officer stationed in the area after they got into an argument over use of hand sanitizer.

Hundreds of protesters gathered and took to the streets, chanting anti-police slogans and demanding justice before they started heading towards the police station.

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Ministry mulls September reopening for candidates

A Form 1 student arrives at his new school on January 7.

This year’s candidates for the KCPE and KCSE exams could resume learning alongside students in institutions of higher learning like colleges and universities.

Sources say the decision to allow candidates to return to class is part of the resolution on the partial reopening of schools.

Sources familiar with the development said Education CS George Magoha will on Monday meet stakeholders over the planned reopening.

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Deputy President William Ruto is the perfect definition of ”poker face/attitude”. When his allies were being axed from leadership positions, he was as silent as a mouse, making us believe he had given in to intimidation by Jubilee Party leadership.

On Saturday, he resurfaced asking Kenyans to pray for his political allies since they were being targeted because of him and his 2022 ambitions. What do you think Ruto is really up to with these mind games?

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