95th Minute Goal Wins Lucky Punter Ksh 15 Million Betika Midweek Jackpot

Nicholas Kirui, a 43-year-old tea farmer in Nakuru County is the first Kshs. 15 Million Midweek Jackpot winner since the return of the games due to Covid-19.

Nicholas, who correctly predicted 15 games with Kshs.15 stake to take home Betika’s Kshs.15 Million Midweek Jackpot, joins the long list of Betika winners.

Nichola, a self-confessed football fan, admitted to being starved off live games since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic that saw all major football leagues halted.

KSH 15 million Jakcpot Winner Nicholas Kirui.

“When there were no games, once a week I’d entertain myself with Virtual and Casino games on the Betika platform. However, there is nothing like live games, the adrenaline is different. So on 16th May, 2020 when Bundesliga was back and Betika announced they will be airing all the games on the live section of their website, I was happy that the games were back and there was a glimmer of hope in these tough times” said Nicholas.

“EPL, EPL, EPL, that’s where I knew my luck was; I love the English Premier League. To be honest, I spent many hours a day just analyzing the weekend games. I took a chance on some teams. I am a Manchester United fan but I’d sell them out if it means earning myself the Kshs. 15 Million. I stayed up all night watching the games at home with my kids, until they went to sleep and I was left dozing off ticking my wins. On the 95th Minute, with that last goal by Brighton, I was a second away from being Kshs. 15 Million shillings richer!” he remarked with a big hearty smile.

Nicholas plans on securing his family’s future by investing in farming and building some rental houses as his retirement plan.

Speaking during the virtual hand over, Betika’s Business Head, John Mbatiah expressed his delight at Kirui’s win.

“Gaming is entertaining and all about precision. Nicholas Kirui not only wins Kshs.15 Million, he has also benefitted from partnership with a credible Financial Advisory firm to offer him both financial and legal advice on prudent use of his winnings.

No one knows what the future has in store especially with this Covid-19. We encourage all our customers to engage in responsible gaming as they continue enjoying the sports they love’’.

Betika’s midweek jackpot also offers attractive bonuses for punters who get between 12-14 correct game predictions.

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