Jubilee Asili: Has DP Ruto dumped President Uhuru?

Deputy President William Ruto’s meeting with recently de-whipped MPs has got Kenya talking.

DP Ruto simply referred to the Thursday, 18th, June 2020 meeting as having lunch.

jubilee asili william ruto
DP Ruto meeting de-whipped MPs.

“Had lunch with Jubilee MPs who were recently assigned other responsibilities in the party. Thanked them for exemplary service to the party and the nation. I implored them to continue focusing on Jubilee’s people-centered transformational agenda now and in the coming future. SOTE PAMOJA,” he posted on Facebook.

However, the ’Sote Pamoja’ slogan and subsequent posts from his close allies got Kenyans saying that it was more than just lunch.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, who also attended the meeting, shared similar photos on his Facebook page with a cryptic caption.

“Free at last. Tusonge mbele Kenya. No looking back. Sote Pamoja!” Kuria posted.

jubilee asili william ruto
According to Denis Itumbi, meeting took place at ‘Jubilee Asili Centre’.

Former State House staffer, Dennis Itumbi, echoed Kuria’s post. He went further to indicate that the meeting happened at “Jubilee Asili Centre” – the purported Jubilee Party Asili headquarters.

Though not official, there are murmurs that Deputy President William Ruto could be laying ground for 2022 with a new party.

According to former presidential aspirant, Mwalimu Abduba Dida, it is now public that DP Ruto has fallen out with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee is officially split.

jubilee asili william ruto
Jubilee Asili: Does it mean that DP Ruto has already dumped President Uhuru Kenyatta?

“DP Ruto and his team have finally read out the Declaration Of War. The meeting in a different building with the name Jubilee Asili officially separates Jubilee into two. The rest of this term, it shall be abuses, politics, rallies at the expense of development as Kenyans suffer!” said Dida.

Is it too early for DP Ruto to form another party? Should DP Ruto quit Jubilee and resign from his position?

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