Anne Waiguru Impeachment: How Fair Is The Process?

Kirinyaga Members of County Assembly on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 overwhelmingly passed a motion to impeach Governor Anne Waiguru.

23 out of 33 MCAs voted to kick out Anne Waiguru on grounds of gross misconduct and abuse of office.

anne waiguru impeachment
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru impeachment session turned chaotic as MCAs from opposing camps clashed.

The governor rushed to court afterwards to have any resolution passed or made with regards to her impeachment suspended but Justice Weldon Korir dismissed her case.

According to the constitution, the Senate must – within 10 days of receiving the assembly’s resolution – set up a special committee or sit as a committee of the whole House to determine whether or not to uphold the impeachment.

There are already murmurs across the political divide on how the process is being handled.

Some people feel that the Senate will save the Governor Anne Waiguru simply because of her political affiliation; her support for President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga-led Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

“We no longer have a Ministry For Gender, but a Ministry for SOME women. You MUST be rich, powerful and opposed to DP William Ruto to qualify for the attention of the WOMEN Ministry. Gender is the Net Worth of your Public Coffers Catwalk! Ole Wako, if you are a Man.” Tweeted Dennis Itumbi.

anne waiguru impeachment
Some people claim that Anne Waiguru will retain her seat because of her political affiliation. Photo: Courtesy

Itumbi was referring to a statement issued by Public Service and Gender CS Margaret Kobia condemning Waiguru’s impeachment.

Others are of the opinion that it is all witch-hunt and that the governor has done nothing wrong.

“The travesty visited upon Kirinyaga Gov. Anne Waiguru is one of the many crooked ways that PhD machinations are using to pull her down and we strongly condemn it. My sister Anne, take heart, hold your head high and continue serving the people of Kirinyaga. You will be vindicated.” said Charity Ngilu, Kitui Governor.

anne waiguru impeachment
According to Governor Ngilu, it is all whitch-hunt.

Do you think Anne Waiguru a fair hearing at the Senate? Will she be favoured? Share your views. Join the discussion in the comment section.

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