EPL: Is reopening putting players at risk of contracting COVID-19?

Sporting events across the world were suspended following World Health Organisation’s declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic in March.

With no end in sight, some sports entities have decided to slowly resume activities. Germany’s top tier football league – the Bundesliga – resumed on May 16 with matches being played in empty stadia.

Other leagues, like the English Premier League, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga, are working on modalities to resume action without putting the lives of the sportsmen and fans at risk.

EPL is set to resume on June 17 and some stake holders are already questioning the decision.

“I think the first question you would probably ask is: ‘Why are we going back? Is it going to be safe?'” Phil Neville told CNN.

Closer home, Tanzania’s President John Magufuli said he was considering allowing sports activities to resume in the country as it was part of the people’s culture.

Is resuming sports activities putting the athletes’ live at risk to entertain others? What’s your take? Join the debate in the comments.

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