Edgar Obare: Should he continue exposing the celebs?

Blogger Edgar Obare calls himself ‘His Teaness’ and he has been serving ‘tea’ to his online followers for some time now.

The said tea comes in form of explosive exposés that make him and his subjects trend for days.

The biggest of recent times was of comedian Jalong’o and his ‘Boy’s Club’ scandal. Jalang’o, in a lengthy statement, did not deny what Edgar exposed and apologised for whoever their acts wronged.

Before this settled, Edgar Obare had Jalang’os Milele FM co-presenter Alex Mwakideu on the radar. The tea master served hot screenshots of Mwakideu allegedly flirting with another woman despite being a man.

His acts have attracted various opinions.

KTN news anchor came out to condemn him saying:

“The thing with the Edgar Obare type of ‘exposés’ is that it’s poorly done journalism. One-sided stories, half-baked proof, more trolling than truth. Yet he’s using that to break homes, defame & maybe make money. Is he using spy software? I hope he has read the cyber crimes act.”

On the other side, Edgar Obare has his supporters.

“Edgar Obare is here to shape morality. We cannot sanitise immorality in marriage. People must respect this institution or just NOT get into it,” said Bonface Monyenye on Twitter.

Tony Mureithi also tweeted:

“If you wanna cheat, get a divorce or stop getting married. Those condemning Edgar Obare are equally guilty. Rotten incorrigible society!”

Should ‘His Teaness’ continue serving the tea? Kenyans are split. Some cheer him on, some don’t. What’s your take?

Join the debate in the comments.

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