How to Win Ksh 1.5 million from a Ksh 1 Million Jackpot

We bettors are always looking for a hack, money has to be made by all means necessary after all!

With the return of some football leagues, betting companies are slowly re-introducing some of the most sought products and services that bettors have been looking forward to.

Betika has always led the pack and they were swift to re-introduce some of their famous Jackpots after numerous requests from their customers.

The company has introduced the midweek Ksh 15 Million Jackpot that customers can play and win for Ksh 15 only. However, our focus today will be on the much easier Daily Jackpot that goes by the name Supa Sababisha.

Supa Sababisha is a 10-game Daily Jackpot that gives Betika customers the choice to go for the 1 Million Shillings Grand price for a very affordable 20 Shillings stake or bet on the same games with Ksh 10 and win Ksh 500,000.

Customers can also bet with 200 or 100 Betika points for the same cash wins; Yes. The flexibility is awesome, but again that’s not our focus today, so stay with me.

Now the 1.5 Million question comes up.

The maximum prize for Supa Sababisha is Ksh 1 Million, but how can you make Ksh 1.5M from Betika on the same Jackpot?

Start by analyzing the games and get a winning combination. Remember that the winning combo is the exact same for the 1M and 500K prizes.

Once you have the winning combination, place Ksh 20 on the 1M and Ksh 10 on the 500K Supa Sababisha with the same predictions. If your predictions are correct, you will have made Ksh 1.5 Million from just Ksh 30 and 10 games, and there is your betting hack for the week!

It’s all about finding the best value for money. Follow this tip from an avid bettor and see if you can make the most from your betting experience on the Betika platform.

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