‘Uhuru Umelaaniwa’ – Pastor Migwi Condemns Uhuru, Cries Out For Ruai Evictions

Pastor Godfrey Migwi has boldly come out to condemn the president for his participation in the latest demolitions in Ruai which have caused uproar countrywide.

The demolitions that happened in the cover of the night have left hundreds of families homeless.

Taking to his Facebook page, Pastor Godfrey Migwi has condemned the president for leaving old women and children homeless during the corona pandemic and the heavy rains currently experienced in all parts of the country.

The video posted yesterday has made rounds online.

“Rais akifanya makosa lazima aambiwe. Sahii manyumba zinabomolewa akiwa State House, akiongea kwa conference kwa zoom, akiletewa kila kitu anataka,” he said.

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“Naskia uchungu mtu akibomolewa nyumba amejenga na loan na SACCO,” said the pastor.

He continued to express his pain with tears rolling down his face saying that he will not be silenced and he is not afraid to say the truth.

“Mtu akiongea ananyamazishwa, akienda kwa TV lazima aweke jina yako hapo, akihubiri lazima aweke jina yako ndio asurvive kwa TV,” he said.

A different kind of pastor?

“Mtu mwenye hajawahi lala njaa hajui shida ni nini,” continued Pastor Migwi.

His video has resonated deeply with many Kenyans who agree with him that the evictions are inhumane.

Daniel Mwaura added, “A day is coming and it’s not far when your tears pastor and our tears will be wiped you are the voice of the voiceless,sauti ya wanyonge Mungu akubariki mchungaji.”

Watch the full video below:

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