Diana Marua Reveals the Strange Thing Bahati Does When She Serves Him Food

The Bahatis (Instagram)

Everyone has some quirky habits that are normal to us but seem strange to other people looking in.

Diana Marua recently spilt the tea on her husband’s weird habits. Mrs Bahati confessed that her husband always goes to the loo before having a meal immediately after food is placed on the table.

Explaining this strange habit, Bahati revealed that growing up in the ghetto you never knew when the next delicious meal will be so he got used to emptying his bowels in order to enjoy the meal.

“Growing up in the ghetto, my environment most of the time ilikuwa unaweza angukia a very delicious meal like chapo madondo with avocado. After this delicious meal you don’t know how the next meal will be. So how did I deal with it? I had to empty my stomach every time if  had been given an opportunity to kula hadi nishibe, nakula hadi nishibe. And after that meal, I wouldn’t need to eat again until the next day. Even if you are not pressed, you have to go to the loo first,” he revealed in a video on Diana’s YouTube Channel.

In addition to Bahati’s strange feeding habits she described her husband’s weird shower habits of where he scrubs his body first with his fingers then goes in with a washcloth.

Diana also complained that her husband recycles his boxers even when he has a pair of clean ones laid out for him.

In his defence Bahati said, “Kwani boxer si hata wiki tunavaa tu? Kwani nimekojoa kwa kitanda? Sijakojoa. How many days should a man wear his boxers before changing because I think this vlog is going south. I have grown up with 2 boxers in my life,” he confessed.

The Bahatis (Instagram)

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