Rayvanny Accused Of Taking Back Car He Gifted Wife After Break Up, She Speaks

Wasafi artist Rayvanny has been accused by fans of taking back a car he apparently gifted his wife Fahyma after unresolved relationship issues. The singer is believed to have bought his wife a Landcruiser Prado which she was seen driving most of the time.

Fans got curious when Rayvanny’s baby mama was spotted with a different car Fun cargo which she has been driving ever since the alleged breakup and this is what sparked the claims.

Speaking to Wasafi media, Fahyma criticized the public for being too petty saying that such issues should not even be of their concern.

Some had also claimed that only reason why she has luxurious cars is that she has a child with the singer and nothing more. In response to this, Fahyma revealed that she bought the car with her own money and therefore no one can take it from her.

The business lady also maintained that she can never live her life trying to proof people wrong and she seems unbothered by what people think about her.

“Siwezi kuishi Maisha ya kuprove kila kitu” she stated

Apart from the car drama/issue, Fahyma finally explained why she and her baby daddy no longer post each other on social media as they used to. According to her, just because people do not post each other

“Sio lazima mtu akupost ndio labda sijui iweje…unaweza usipostiwe lakini mko happy and everything lakini for me niko sawa tu wala sina shida  na mtu” she stated

Our relationship troubles not a stunt, says Rayvanny

The beauty was also reluctant to share on the nature of the relationship with her baby daddy. She, however, left us all in suspense after she hinted that she shares her bed with her son hinting on the possibility that she no longer shares a room with the artist.

The couple was said to have ended their relationship earlier this year but have both remained silent and whether they resolved their issues or not.


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