Girls, It’s 2020! Red Alert Signs You Need to Dump your Unpromising Boyfriend ASAP

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It has never been identified why is it that women love ignoring the red flags in their relationships.

A man will express his feelings and interests in you but ends up disrespecting you, not giving you all the attention, not make time for you and come up with lies. These are red flag signs that should communicate he is not serious with you and you need to dump him.

Some of you have been clinging on long term relationships that have no future and it’s the high time to drop them.

Here are four major signs that communicate you need to drop that unpromising boyfriend;

1. He does not respect you.

Respect is normally a two-way thing and it’s earned for the relationship to be a success.

Once you realise your man is making you feel foolish when you suggest an idea or opinion, that is a huge red flag of disrespect. No man should mock you or make you feel that way.  A real man will respect your opinions, ideas and even help out to think better as the saying goes, Two heads are better than one.

2. He does not make you happy.

Before you commit to being with him, you need to ask yourself if he makes you happy.

In as much as relationships and marriages are not a walk in a park, you need someone that will cheer you up even after an argument. A relationship is meant to double your happiness and not lower your mood.

3. He does not give you the attention you need.

When was the last time he took you on a date? Surprised you with a gift? Gave you compliments?

Every relationship is a two way and if your man hardly does these things for you or appreciates your efforts You are with the wrong man girl! Life is too short to dilly dally with a man that is not genuine with his intentions.

4. He controls everything you do. 

Everything may seem perfect but if you have to do things his way and not yours, something is not right.

A man that controls your life will make you fake your personality, may end up being violent especially if you do not adhere to his rules and conditions, lose your confidence and decision making.

A real man will support your dreams and every little thing you desire to do.



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