8 Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

While many women worry if a man is using them for sex, many men, especially in these tough economic times worry that the woman they like is just after their money.

If you are wondering if your bae is just after your money here are some signs:

1. She never pays

Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

When starting a relationship, a man often pays but as the relationship progresses a woman can chip in or if she won’t contribute financially, she can carry a gift whenever she comes visiting. If she always wants lavish gifts or always orders for expensive meals at restaurants but never reciprocates even in a small way she is after your cash.

2. She always has an issue with money

Have you ever been with someone whose check always bounces or complains that their employer never pays them? Does she need a financial bailout all the time? Well, you might have just snapped up a gold-digger.

3. They always have a ‘thing’

Women have different ways of extorting money from men. If your lady always has a thing going on like sijui their grandma got bit by a snake and needs money for meds or is in the ‘tuma fare’ battalion show her the exit. You will not need to send fare money to a woman who genuinely wants to see you.

That’s the tea.

That’s the tea

4. Your relationship is surface-level

She avoids relationship talk like a plague and often says ‘let’s see where things will go’ but never commits to you. She is emotionally unavailable. You know nothing about her friends and family and she knows nothing about your life, not even your last name. A woman after your cash doesn’t pay attention to you and even after a year of dating she cannot answer basic questions about you.

5. You are going broke

Signs She Only Wants You for Your Money

Fine dining, designer bags and Remy hair can put a dent in your pocket if you are not Floyd Mayweather. If you have become an ATM and an unpaid shylock, its time to hit the exit.

6. She has no source of income but lives lavishly

Gold-digging is a full-time job and you are her source of income. A woman chasing your bag has no interest in chasing her bag through career growth and will probably quit her job at the slightest provocation.

7. Things get rocky if you are broke

If she asks you to send her money for a dress but you say you can’t afford, you will notice that her attitude gets frosty. If you reward her with cash, it gets warm again.

8.Her dating pattern

Does she always date professional footballers, celebrities, wealthy white men or rich kids and yet she is not in those circles? You might just be dating a golddigger.

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