I’m Coming to Kenya to See My Son With Tanasha – Tanzanian TV Personality Says

I’m Coming to Kenya to See My Son With Tanasha – Tanzanian TV Personality Says

Every time Diamond welcomes a child, questions of their paternity arises. It was no different with Naseeb Junior who many claimed looks like Mwijaku a popular TV and Radio personality from Tanzania.

Riding the wave, Mwijaku boldly claimed that Tanasha’s son is his and even gave details about meeting her at Joho’s party. However, despite his bold statement about fathering Tanasha’s baby, he seemed to get cold feet when it came to getting a DNA test.

“I have received calls to go and get a DNA test, but I have refused, there is much tension around this issue. Even my first-born son knows he has a brother, my family has even summoned me to Kigoma in regards to news about Tanasha’s son. I have refused to take the test, he looks like me. If I get a DNA test, chaos will ensue in this county and that is why I don’t want to take a DNA test,” he told Bongo 5 TV.

Months after his statement, Mwijaku is back in the news and has promised to came to Kenya to see his son post-Corona.

“I’m glad that the boy has grown. As the father of the boy, I’m glad to see he has grown. I’m coming to Kenya to see my son with Tanasha,” he was quoted by a Tanzanian Daily.

His latest declaration has had many concluding that he is just a clout chaser with others claiming that he must be mentally ill.

Check some of the reactions below;

Madamelacherf: Anavuka mipaka sasa.aufyate kwanza

danuzaj23: bila kumuongelea mondi hawez kuishi.

Verinto: Amejulikana kupitia kumwongelea diamond, unadhani atasurvive vipi kwny showbiz bila kumtaja taja diamond na atapataje ugali.Huyu futa anavuka mipaka sasa aache kumfatafata mwanaume mwenzake mkiani apambane na hali yake.

ommyjr2: Dish linayumba ,anatafuta kiki😂😂

officialtheonlyme: Sina hakika uyo jamaa mentally yuko vizuri kweli?

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