Do This if Your Friend is Cheating on Their Spouse

Do This if Your Friend is Cheating on Their Spouse (Courtesy)

The last few decades have seen a spike in extramarital affairs with women joining in the infidelity wagon. 

For someone with a friend that cheats, this situation puts you in a dilemma because on one side you do not want your friend to ruin their marriage and on the other hand, you don’t want to push your friend away by appearing judge-y.

If caught up in a situation like this, a Mumbai-based clinical psychologist named Rachana Awatramani has some advice.

She says that one has to first recognize that even though they are friends each one of them has a different set of values and ethical practices.

Each one of us has a different set of values and ethical practices (Courtesy)

Every individual has their own beliefs and values. Not necessary people we are close to have the same values and ethical practices. Accepting these differences in individuals is the way of showing respect… It is their life and you can only tell him/her the rights and wrongs according to you but his/her rights and wrongs can be very different than yours,” writes in her column on Times of India.

She also advised that if you want to tell the spouse that their lover is having an extramarital affair, you must be ready to face the consequences.

No one has a right to speak about any one’s personal life to anyone. What you could do is tell your friend what he/she is doing is incorrect according to you and finally, it’s their choice and their life. You have done your best,” Miss Rachana Awatramani added.

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