Diana Marua Responds to Claims of Being With Bahati for His Money

The Bahatis (Instagram)

While some women slave away to make ends meet, Kevin Bahati’s wife Diana Marua is a lucky woman as she has a man who caters to all her needs.

She revealed this during an exchange with a fan after she was accused of stealing handbags from a friend.

“Do you work apart from kutegemea Bahati?” a fan insolently asked.

In response, Mrs Bahati disclosed that she doesn’t work as Bahati provides everything and people should stop poking their noses in other people’s lives.

“Imagine I don’t. He provides everything and he is okay with that and I don’t understand why that should bother a handbag, watu na Maisha za watu aki,” replied Diana Marua.

Bahati provides everything and he is okay with that – Marua (Infinity Clix)

This revelation and her cushioned lifestyle had some fans pressed with one declaring that she will dump Bahati as soon as the money dries out.

“Hii c love ni PESA wacha pesa finished u will know who us loving who. Shubiri, ” a fan commented on a photo of the couple.

In her reply, Diana not only mocked her critic’s spelling mistake but also said that those waiting for her to leave Bahati because of poor finances will be waiting a long time.


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